July 28, 2016

1st Week @ MTC


The MTC is the best place. I never want to leave hahaha.

So I'm in a tri-panionship aka I have two companions! Sora Lee is from Gilbert, Arizona and Sora Dusenberry is from Utah County, Utah (Payson area most recently). We're learning a lot (especially me about my weaknesses haha) together and teaching pretty well! 

The Romanian is hard, but MY DISTRICT IS SO MUCH FUN! 5 Sisters and 4 Elders. One of the Elders is from Australia and he makes all of us laugh until we are either a) snorting  or b) crying. Fun times in building 9M. We've really become comfortable with each other. It's been fun getting to know them. Romania is getting some of the best, in my humble opinion haha :)

I LOVE SEEING ALL MY BYU FRIENDS HERE. Unfortunately I never have my camera on me, so I never take pictures with them....but seeing everyone with a name tag on really brings me some comfort :')

Two really important things I'm learning/studying/trying to apply during my stay at the MTC + the whole mission. 
1 Ne 17:6, 17:13, 17:15We will have trials and hardships in this life, that we will need to rely on the Savior to get through BUT we will have reason to "exceedingly rejoice". AND MAN that is how I feel being a missionary. Romanian is kicking my butt. It is a serious difficulty for me, but I can't count how many times I've had reason to laugh and smile during this past week. There have been a few times where I have felt discouraged or homesick, but the times I've felt the peace of the Holy Ghost and the comfort of God's love for me HAS BEEN AWESOME and far many more times than the bad. SO ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE GOOD. And always rely on the Savior. He has prepared a way for us. He is our light. Trust in Him!

Moses 6:32-36 - Man I came into the mission with the wrong mindset. I was so focused on "me" and "How am I going to teach?". During coaching with THE BEST TEACHER EVER Fratele Simmons, he shared this scripture to me when I told him I was feeling inadequate. This mission isn't about me. It isn't about the successes and failures I will have. This mission is about the Lord and the children who He needs to come back to the fold. Heavenly Father is allowing me to teach HIS gospel to HIS children so that I can feel of HIS love for myself and for the people of Romania. I love verse 32 and how it says repeatedly: "I will". BECAUSE HE WILL. I'm excited to walk with the Savior during these next 18 months (more often than not I can imagine that He'll be carrying me while I struggle along lol). 

I really do love this gospel. It teaches about change and becoming better. In Tuesday night's devotional, the speaker invited us to be better covenant keepers. Better disciples of Jesus Christ. JUST BE BETTER. I'm so grateful I get to invite people to build a relationship with their Savior and Redeemer. I AM SO HAPPY IT IS INSANE. 

Keep smiling and live with quiet dignity*!! 

Love always, 
Sora Idiart 

*and write me letters hehehe​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Sora Dusenberry, Me & Sora Lee! 
Best tri-panionship in the whole MTC tbh. 
Me and Sorella Carly @ The Provo Temple!!! Love BYU friends

Romanian Soras are the best Soras :') ​​

My district! Best people I've ever met. Love them all.
(The funny Aussie Elder is the second from the Right)

SISTER PACKARD. A true mom. Welcoming me on my first day :)


  1. Dear Sister Idiart, (Im'sorry I can't remember your Romanian name!)))) Thank you so much for your info about the Gospel and the friendships and laughter you share with your companions!!!!!Brother Mills talked to your Mom at the Temple and she told him how much you are enjoying the MTC. Keep searching for the need and you will be on your way....................love and hugs............Sister mills

  2. love all your pictures!!!!!!!!!!especially with the moustashes!!!!!!!!!!