June 19, 2017


HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the fathers + future fathers. Love you. I have the best example of what righteous, worthy priesthood holders should look like. You guys rock. Love you loads.

Hello to the rest of you. I love you, as well :)  Here is a little shopping tutorial I filmed for you:

SCRIPTURE POWER: I read this story this week. I don't actually remember ever reading it. But IT IS NOW MY FAVORITE. The Acts 8:29+30. Really the whole part about Philip is just great. I would probably name my son Philip if I didn't think it was such an ugly name....anyways back to the point: SO PROMPTINGS. We have to respond like my boy Philip. He RAN. Do we run? Let's run this week, shall we? I'm going to. And it's gonna be great.  

So this week was a stretching week. Like big time. It was rough, but SO MANY MIRACLES. Heavenly Father always seems to do this to me hahaha. He's got a sense of humor. The week was just the pits, for the first little bit.  Really, He just wants to make sure that I'm really gonna pull through in the end. Luckily, this week Sora Nemelka and I worked through it all AND MIRACLES BABY. Really mostly thanks to me running after promptings. I'm out here becoming Philipa. Hahahahaha anyways.

Iulia + the twins: It is hard to make only Russian speaking 6 year old twins focused....when you don't know Russian. BUT THANKFULLY we were able to do it. And their lovely mother Iulia sat down and took the Russian Book of Mormon that we brought for her and started reading. We're talking like the Introduction until 1 Nephi 2. That's about how long we could keep the boys distracted. But then Sora Nemelka was able to do a bomb job testifying and teaching her about The Book of Mormon/why we have it, while I played Chess with the twins (and lost....but thanks for Gpa Al for teaching me how to play hahaha)

Valeria - guys. THIS GIRL IS THE CUTEST GIRL I HAVE EVER MET. She is this suppppper smart 17 year old. Who just needs to know that her Heavenly Father loves her. We had such a great lesson with her on Saturday - honestly she's the miracle that Heavenly Father was making us wait for. We fasted as a district on Saturday for one of our friends, Eric, who is having a hard time getting permission from his mom to be baptized. We met with Valeria near the end of the day. Saturday had been pretty discouraging. But then BAM. VALERIA. IT WAS AWESOME. The Spirit was definitely present. Definitely the greatest thing ever. 

Ala - YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALA IS PROGRESSING SO WELL. We had a lesson with her yesterday with the Godfrey's. Taught her about the Law of Chastity. Her boyfriend is living with her. Well he's not really her boyfriend. Just kind of this drunk. Anyways. Long story. But she agreed that she needed to kick him out. So she did. She is going to be baptized in 2.5 weeks. Keep her in your prayers! But also. Yesterday. The Spirit was so strong. MAN I LOVE THE HOLY GHOST!

Also flip. Brett Bryce from JERICHO ROAD CAME TO CHISINAU. He served his mission back in good old San Bruno. So he talked to me about the fam (he says hello).  Showed him a picture of all of us. Good memories. I love you all :) But he did a concert for all the members in Moldova. It was awesome. He sang Coldplay. And Sara Barielles. My heart. Shattered. Best 2 hours of my life. I miss music. Hahahaha BUT SWEET IS THE WORK. 

Also transfers came out and, I'm still in Chisinau with Sora Nemelka. Happy sister missionary am I :) 

I love you all! I pray for you all. Thank you for the love and support :) 

Sora Idiart 

I caught our oven mit on fire while making rice.....it really was flaming.
I didn't scream, just burned my hand a little bit. #yolo #bringingbackyolo

Brett Bryce. Such a cool dude. Mostly I just loved that he knew all of the Idiarts
and sang some "Yellow" hahahahaha 

THIS IS ROMA!!!!! He is the one who helped us in our lessons with Tania.
Life saver. I literally love the people of Moldova. 

Literally. The burgers are better than burgers in America. I cried. 
We also went there again today for lunch. Addiction problems. 

Just got done eating ice cream. Companion unity <33333

Babe comp.

Making placinte (PIES) with cute Daniela

Showing Maria the fam <3333  

June 12, 2017

I have started substituting ice cream for meals. . .but it's okay because it's only 2 lei

Hello fam and friends :) 

This week was wonderful. I hope you all read that talk that I sent you. Instead of a scripture (again, sorry), I want to share something that President Ivory sent us in his weekly email to all the missionaries. "FAITH MUST BE CENTERED IN JESUS CHRIST AND HIS ULTIMATE VICTORY. We can not fail. Our focus on faith in Jesus Christ brings us understanding and perspective we need to overcome challenges in our own lives and in working with our friends. Ultimately our faith in Jesus Christ leads to salvation." The part that really sticks out to me is "We cannot fail". That is the truth. We cannot fail if we have faith in the Savior. He has already won. We must stay valiant. We chose this life. We chose this plan. If you don't know what plan I'm talking about, stop my nametag wearing friends wherever you are in the world. They would love to tell you about it :) 

This week was good. Hard, but good :) aren't they all a little bit like that?

Two quick miracles: 

Ala. She is getting baptized in July! July 7th to be exact. We had such a great lesson with her on Tuesday. The new senior couple, the Godfrey's, came to our lesson. The Spirit was strong. There were probably 3 or 4 times when she really profoundly felt the Spirit. It was awesome. She is awesome. She came to church on Sunday and met President Ivory (who was in Chisinau for Branch Conference this weekend). She's got a lot of potential. We have our work cut out for us! :) 

Victoria, this really REALLY awesome girl who is dating one of the elder's investigator's, came to church this Sunday! She usually works/is too busy to come. Granted, she came about 30 minutes late due to public transportation. We've been struggling for awhile as to how to help her. She just really had no belief in God. BUT THEN ON SUNDAY AFTER CHURCH WE HAD A LESSON WITH HER AND SHE TOLD US "YOU KNOW WHAT. I BELIEVE IN GOD." Her grandma passed away this past week. She was really really close with her. She told us that she had been praying for peace all week to be okay with whatever would happen to her grandma. Then BAM. You know how Heavenly Father works. He fills you with peace and love and support when you need it most. She attributed that peace as an answer to her prayers. She knows that God lives. She will be baptized. Her and Igor will lead the church here in Moldova. They are the coolest couple. 

Well that's all. I love you all. I love these people. I really just never want to leave Moldova :-) so like I will probably move back here. Okay love you all.

Sora Idiart 

Poor Sora Nemelka. Working her to death hahahahha 

We eat like kings out here in Chis (brought the other sisters lunch today) 

Making me miss Nina :') 

Also another reason why I'm a mean trainer....I make her stand on the Maxi Taxi rides. 
Hahaha hopefully her mom doesn't see this.......opa

Thank heavens for people playing music really loud.
Unfortunately they didn't open their door......better luck next time.​​ ​

June 5, 2017

Strawberries are $1 for 1 kilo. So we make lots of fruit smoothies nowadays

HI FAMILY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead of some scripture verses to read, here is a talk by President Gordon B Hinckley that changed my life. Probably forever. Man. So good. My new life motto/vision is "Living beyond myself". I'll probably put it on a t-shirt. SO READ IT HERE!!



Here are some people to talk about:

Iulia - Probably the classiest, richest mom in Chisinau...We're teaching her twin 6 year old boys English, and we're slowly teaching her the gospel. She's a very faithful person. She is a queen though, no joke. She drives a mini-cooper. And her floors in her house are marble. And she has like millions of dollars of original art pieces in her home. And she has a maid. And she is super kind. But like literally the richest person I know in Chisinau. PLUS SHE HAS RED HAIR. YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT REDHEADS. And her twins are the cutest things of all time. 

Maria - We had a really great lesson with Maria this past Friday. She won't be baptized this upcoming week, BUT she will be baptized on July 1st. We read 2 Nephi 31 with her. Just really talked a lot about how important all of the parts of the Doctrine of Christ are. We really tried to focus on how having faith in Christ helps us to endure to the end. It was great. I love her. She's so ghetto and cute. Hearing her pray melts my heart. 

Ala - So Ala is this really great mom of two kids. Her kids live with her ex-husband and his new wife in Germany. She's 1) lonely 2) an honest truth seeker 3) hilarious 4) very Moldovan. Talks like a Moldovan. It's a roller coaster in our lessons :)  

Sora Nemelka - She is a beast. The language is coming along. She doesn't see it, but it's true! We're working well together. I'm learning so much from her. Did I ever tell you all that she's a surgical technician? Well she is. Which basically means that I can now perform surgery. Because she tells me a lot about doctor type stuff. Maybe I'll do med school? Habar n-am. Only time will tell. 

WELL THAT'S ALL. The days are literally a blur. But don't worry. I sometimes right in my journal :-) 

Love you guys. Pray for you all the time. Keep praying for us out here in Chis and our lovely people :) The Savior is on each of our teams. Rely on Him and His power, intelligence, love, and Atonement. 

Sora Idiart 

Played some volleyball with cute little Daniela (one of Sora Langentein's & My old investigators). She really likes taking modeling pictures. Hahhaha she's cute. Love her. 

Because why? Because everyone canceled on us. Dope. 

I've lived here for 5 months.....and I have yet to show you what the church building looks like. Hahah oops. Well here is it. (Also I forgot mostly to buy new batteries....
so my camera was dead a lot. These are all Sora Nemelka's pics lol)

Sora Nemelka is a beast breakfast maker. 

May 29, 2017



Here is a scripture to boost your spirits. It boosted mine. It is amazing. 1 Nephi 11:17. I don't really know jack squat about the gospel, life, etc. But I do know what Nephi knew. God loves His children. He loves you and me. He loves the person who cut you off in traffic. He loves the lady who spit on you after seeing your name tag. He loves us all. So lets do a little better at loving others, because He loves them. Also. It's okay to not know everything. As long as we continue like Nephi did: seeking, pondering, asking :)

SO HERE IS THE EXCITING NEWS. CHIRIL GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! Chiril is the little brother of Adriana, a recent convert who was baptized about a year ago. Chiril couldn't get baptized when Adriana did because he has a little bit less than wonderful, alcoholic mom who would never give him permission, or give Adriana legal guardianship over him....although the mom hasn't been in the picture for the last few years and Adriana has been raising him. Basically call of the missionary companionships have been working and teaching Chiril - every 3 months Adriana leaves to go work in Germany. So we would take turns teaching him, picking him up for church, checking up on him, etc. President Ivory gave the okay to have him baptized, without needing his mom's permission on Wednesday. The other sisters (currently working with him, as of two weeks ago) talked about baptism with him on Friday. And BAM. The next day he was baptized. Basically Saturday was the best day of my life. It was like watching my child get baptized. I literally love him. He is the best. HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

Also we had an amazing - final :( - Zone Conference with President and Sora Ivory. I love them. They are the best. Will shed many tears when they leave. BUT ALSO I'M SO STOKED FOR PRESIDENT AND SORA HETINGER TO GET HERE. The thing I'm going to change in my life after the conference is trying to be more FILLED with faith. I need it. The work is hard. But when we have faith, MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. LIKE CHIRIL GETTING BAPTIZED. Amazing. 

That's all for today. Love you all. Thanks for always praying and loving and supporting and encouraging me. I love you and pray for you daily. 

Sora Idiart 

THE KING AND QUEEN OF THIS WORLD (The Ivorys, My Mission President/wife)

Adriana and Chiril.......power team of Chisinau

Chiril <33333333333333

May 22, 2017

"Have you ever met two girls from America AT THE SAME TIME?"

Hello dearest family + friends. 

This week was one full of miracles. And empty of pictures. Because I was lazy and cheap and never bought batteries.....but now I have batteries. SO next week you will get pictures. SORRRRRRY :) 

SCRIPTURE: Training. It is all about patience. Sora Nemelka is a boss missionary. Who wants to be able to be the boss-est missionary on the planet. Which is hard to do when you can't understand or speak. So this week, almost every scripture that I read had to do with patience. I repeatedly saw the word "wait" this week. 2 Nephi 6:7. So applicable in our lives. I feel like 1) I wait on the Lord's time ALL THE TIME but in return 2) He is ALWAYS waiting for me to be more humble, teachable, mold-able, hardworking, patient, kind, etc (the list goes on and on....you get the gist). He is never ashamed of us. Let's CHOOSE to never be ashamed of Him. 


DANIELA - We were contacting. In the park. It was a great day. We were on our way to go get dinner. We felt like "Hey let's talk to this mom. She looks kind and her baby is so cute so we want to go talk to the baby" *props of being a sister missionary, it's not super weird to go talk to young moms with cute babies :)* So we talk to her. She invites us to sit down. Have a great talk about the church/Book of Mormon. Set a follow up meeting. MEET WITH HER AGAIN AND SHE TOLD US SHE IS SEARING FOR TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has studied with a lot of different churches but hasn't felt at peace. Dudes. It was so awesome. I love her. And her baby Isabella is literally the cutest little baby and so calm and wonderful. Pray for them :) 

MIHAELA + ERIC + GABI + MARIA - So remember our investigator Mihaela? She has been super hard to meet up with - kind of placed her on the back burner. Last Monday we got a call from her saying that she wanted to meet up. WELL she brought friends: Eric and Gabriela. Super awesome 15 year olds. Have a great Restoration lesson with them. They both agree to listen to the lessons. Short version of the story: We pass off Eric to the elders. They hit it off. Gabi's mom says that we can't meet, so she drops us. Eric brought his friend Maria to meet us/start meeting with us. MIRACLE. 

And honestly so many more miracles this week. A unhappy orthodox lady told us to go home, that we were wasting our time, etc. in a very rude way. Threw me off my game for a day. Then a very kind baptist lady named Anne told us the next day, "You are doing a good job here. God bless you." So ya know. It's great. Life is grand. I love being a missionary here in Moldova. 

Thank you for the prayers and love and support. Love you and pray for you :)

Sora Idiart 

Today was Sora Dusenberry's bday. We planned a surprise party for her at the church.
It was very fun. Good missionaries here in Chisinau :)

Getting creative........bored of selfies hahaha

Cool sign. Love being in this part of the world. I LOVE MOLDOVA

May 15, 2017


Hello fam and friends and strangers <3333


This week was great. Quite the adventure. But let's start with a scripture :)

My boy Pavel is just a homie. Hai sa (Let's) turn to Acts 26:17, 18, 22. Keywords: light, help, continue. I LOVE THESE VERSES. They for REAL helped me out these past few days. I love the scriptures. They are gooooood. Read them. Learn. Love. 

So my FLIPPING AWESOME companion is named Sora Nemelka. Which is like milka. She also loves chocolate. Not as much as me, but close. This will be a problem, I'm sure. Also she loves ice cream like me. Too embarrassed to tell you how many times I've had ice cream in the last 4 days . . . hahahahahha moving on.

So here is a bit about Sora Milka: she is from OREGON. Well she lived there the longest amount of time. But her parents currently are living in UT. Which is where she graduated high school from. She is 19 and already a surgical technician. Beast. She's a whiz. Great at Romanian. Good missionary. It's gonna be a GOOOOOD next three months together. Stoked.

Here is something cool that happened: after doing a little limba (language) study, we went to go to a lesson. We were waiting at the bus stop and I said, "Sora. Go find someone to talk to. You can do this." So like .3 seconds later she starts talking to this girl. Basically before I even had time to finish my sentence. BAM. We get her number. We get on the bus and I'm still talking to her - but buses are a little nutzo in Moldova, so Sora Milka gets separated from me. ALL OF THE SUDDEN I JUST HEAR MY LITTLE ONE TALKING TO SOMEONE ELSE ON HER OWN. WITHOUT MY HELP. She gave her an English card. Dude. It was amazing. I was so proud. That's what our week has been like. Full of new missionary fire miracles. 

Sad news: Tania is no longer getting baptized. BUT I do believe that one day, she will be able to hear/see (insensitive but true?) the gospel in the language of her heart. Maybe my granddaughter or grandson will come to the Chisinau, Moldova mission - Sign Language speaking. How sick would that be. SICK.

So fam. That's all I have time for. Love you just so so so so so much. I love the gospel. I love being a missionary. I know that the Church is true - Jesus Christ leads it through our prophet, Thomas S. Monson. Keep continuing. Keep asking Heavenly Father for help. Keep relying on/using the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Keep praying. Keep being really super cool and awesome and the best humans. 

I love you all. Thanks for everything. Praying for you!

Sora Idiart 

My cute comp <333

AND MY DAUGHTER (Sora Nemelka)
AND MY NEPHEW (can't remember his name hahahah but elder Ditto's baby). 
(If this joke makes no sense, refer to last week's post
to understand "Family History" of Emma's mission!!)

She has an obsession with dandelions. She stops and picks them everytime, hahah

Changing the wheels on the train at 5AM :)))))))))))))))
(to go b/w Moldova & Romania the train has to be lifted & the wheels swapped out.
Each country has different tracks that don't work together) 
It's not like I wanted sleep or anything!!

Little old blury me, thx to Elder Giron's photography skillz

Chisinau has my heart<33333333

hood rats