July 31, 2017



DONT SKIP THE SCRIPTURE OR ELSE YOU WILL RUIN THE TRANSFER NEWS SO READ THIS:       D&C 109:73-74 "That thy church may come forth out of the wilderness of darkness, and shine forth fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners...that thy glory may fill the earth". I LOVE THIS SCRIPTURE. I love reading the Kirtland Temple Dedicatory Prayer. This mission is in the "Kirtland" phase. YEET. 

Here is the exciting/heartbreaking transfer news: After 7 wonderful and perfect and stretching and learning and JUST THE BEST MONTHS OF MY LIFE living in Chisinau, Moldova......I am being transfered.....back to THE WEST. MWUAHAHAH my second favorite part of the mission :) to a lovely city called Oradea. I've visited there a few times. I'm super excited. And heartbroken. And excited. My new companion will be Sora Anderson. From my MTC group (!!!!!!!!) and the elders in the city will be Elder Sewell and Elder Perrett - who is also from my MTC group (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). It's going to be a party. We're going to see so many miracles and baptisms. I can feel it :) 

So this is going to be a little bit more deep and personal than my past few emails have been. I have not given my girls here justice. And by girls I mean our Young Women's group full of investigators. I wanna write a little bit about a sister missionary who changed my life - Sister Lisa Hamilton. When I was 16 our ward received sisters missionaries. Heavenly Father knew that I needed them and their influence in my life. So He sent her to me. She changed my goals and vision for my future to include serving a mission. Part of my decision to serve included the impart that she had on my life. If I could be a sister missionary and touch the lives of even just one girl in Young Women's like she did in mine, the 18 month sacrifice would be worth it. 

OKAY SO SKIP FORWARD TO YESTERDAY. After having said goodbye to all the member and investigators in the world, we went up to the second floor of the church building to have our Young Women's lesson. While sitting there, teaching, I FELT AND IMMENSE AMOUNT OF HEAVENLY FATHER'S LOVE FOR OUR GIRLS (Diana and Valeria). Anyone who knows me, knows what a cry baby I am. Yesterday was no exception. I felt so much love for them and I could literally see their futures and potential, so of course I was a bawl baby throughout the whole lesson. Heavenly Father really witnessed to me, "Sora Idiart. You have done what I wanted you to do here." Could I have done better? Oh. Definitely. 100% yes. But I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. 

Chisinau will be left in good hands with Sora Nemelka :) 

I love you all. I love Moldova more than anything. This country has my heart. Chisinau will always be my city, but I'm so excited to head back over to Romania and continue to find those who are ready for the gospel. Thanks for your prayers and love and support. Praying for you!

Sora Idiart 

So this was the greatest discovery of our lives.  
I highly recommend you go watch the video. 
Type in Shia LaBeouf "Just Do It" on youtube. 


Good-bye pictures :((((((( with Antonella, Kira, Tolic, Cristina, Nik, Valeria, Irina, Diana . . . 
MY GIRLS!!!!!!  


Sora Langenstein.....my other queen (WHO IS TRAINING IN BUCHAREST THIS TRANSFER!!!!!!!!)


More Iulia

More funny faces

And KERI AKA Sora Rawls. Aka my favorite human. 
So sad to be leaving her :( She is American. I love Americans. 

Also is the hair killer here or what? 

Also I love Moldova. 

The end.


July 24, 2017

11th Story

Hello beloved family and friends!!!!

Well here is some scripture power for you: Mosiah 8:18. I remember reading this 500 years ago when I was at the beginning of the BOM in my first few transfers. And it just really hit me again. Heavenly Father has given us the power to work miracles. Small and big. We just have to have faith. Simple. But like also really hard? Yes. BUT LETS DO IT THIS WEEK AND JUST SEE SO MANY MIRACLES AROUND US. I KNOW I SEE THEM EVERY DAY! YEET. 

So this week was a blur. We moved!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! Unfortunately it's Oleaca far from uh everything hahaha aka public transit. BUT HEY THAT MEANS WE GON GET SKINTY! Also it's on the 11th floor. With a good view. And really new and nice and perfect and I'm so happy to have all this moving drama behind me<33333333333333 la revedere (goodbye)<33333333 But moving and cleaning our apartment and packing took a lot of time. Like a full proselyting day        :(((((((( but it's alright. We worked hard every spare second that we had. 

Also I have been a missionary for a year. What. The. Russian Snickers. THAT IS INSANE. ALSO ON MY YEAR MARK IULIA (one of the recent converts that I used to work with back in the day) WENT TO THE TEMPLE TO RECIEVE HER ENDOWMENTS AND IT WAS SO WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! I cried tears of joy :') so we had to call the Kiev temple since we have international minutes and set up her appointment for her :') so many happy tears. 

Also this week was like 700 billion degrees and I only at ice cream like 3 times !!!!!!!!!!! Sora Nemelka is doing a no sugar thing. And I'm trying to support her. But ya know. I just reaaaaaaaaally need my 2 lei JOC ice cream cones. I will be buying more this week. Oh for sure. (Plus I think maybe she is giving up??? We will see.) 

Oh and our cute investigators are all becoming best friends. We had a branch activity/barbecue where the land of Moldova was dedicated for missionary work. It was a blast. Unorganized, but super fun. I love these crazy people.

Here's a cool story. . .We were bloc knocking last night with the other sisters. Sora Lang. wanted to go to this super ghetto creepy looking bloc. Sora Dusie didn't. There was contention.  Whatever hahahaha. Anyways. I just suggested that we keep walking towards the super nice million euro homes. So we did. AND WE RAN INTO A LESS ACTIVE IN THE RUSSIAN BRANCH WHO SERVED A MISSION AND HAS 4 KIDS AND ANOTHER ON THE WAY. AND I HELD THEIR LITTLE TWO YEAR OLD (i know. against the rules. but hey. what can you do. he was begging me to hold him. so i did lolz) and we got their address and number which wasn't correct on the branch list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO IT WAS JUST SUPER COOL!!!!! if you're doing what you need to be doing, at the right time and right place, the Lord will help you find who he needs to be found. 

Sorry, I literally have like heat stroke brain or something. Those are the highlights. I need to start drinking more water, but all is well<3 Okay. Too many hearts in this email hahaha I LOVE YOU ALL AND I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray for you on the daily. 

Sora Idiart 

Sora Nemelka knows excactly what mama likes hahaha . . . 

She got me flowers for my year mark <333 

But don't worry. Been a missionary for a year but haven't changed one bit lolz


MY FAVORITE HUMAN. His name is Eric. His parents won't allow him to be baptized, 

VALERIA. SHE IS QUEEN. I love her. I don't have favorites but she's one of them hahaha 

At the branch activity :) (Valeria, Mariana, Me, Sora Langenstein, Eric)

 Battle scar from moving today 


Our new view :) 

A bird took it out on Sora Nemelka today hahahaha

July 17, 2017

looooooooooove shack, luh-luh-luuuuuuuuve shack!

Hi everyone :) 

Well this week. What a week. To explain the title: when two companionships live in the same apartment it is called "Love Shacking". Probably not appropriate mission slang, but hey. There's a good song about it. #churchistrue BUT ANYWAYS: Let's start with a scripture hahaha

Mosiah 7:18. So this is gonna be a little bit lame. But. I will be going home in less time than I have been out here; the specific time will not be mentioned because well I just really don't want to think about that de loc (at all) . . . but anyways. I love this verse. Because of the last few line. And okay. These Moldovans are not my enemies. At all. I love them. Each one of them. BUT ya know. Sometimes in different situations we just feel like everyone is our enemy and we just can't be happy. But we are told to lift up our heads and be comforted! SO DO IT. Try being more grateful. Because there is yet a struggle ahead of us. But you can do it. I can do it. We all can do it. Love you :) 

Okay so this week. Hahahahaha. Well. Remember how Sora Nemelka got sick a couple weeks ago? Well I got sick last week as well. But thankfully no vomit :-) so I still made us go out and work, much to Sora Nemelka's protests hehehehe. And I'm really sorry, but I forgot my planner at the church, so my memory is a little bit bad . . . BUT. Here are some things that happened:

Our apartment flooded. A lot. Well not a lot. I tell people that it was 3 inches, but you all know that I like to be a drama queen. It was maybe one inch hahahaha but that was an adventure. We get home at 9:45 and we come home to the lovely sound of gushing water.......so naturally I start freaking out. We slept at the other sisters apartment which is like the size of a shoe box.....AND GUESS WHAT. SORA STANLEY WAS THERE :) she was in town for an exchange. We only stayed up a little bit talking about life. She goes back to the real world in a hot sec. Love her. Miss her already.

So we had 6 sisters in the apartment that night. This was on Wednesday.

Went back to the apartment the next day. Smells like lovely sewage water and mold <3333333 so we are told we are going to contiue to stay at the other sister's apartment......BUT GET THIS. The next day (Friday) is Zone Conference. SO the other sisters from Lasi, came up to stay with the sisters to sleep. So. That meant that there were 8 sisters in literally an apartment the size of my closet back home. 


And then we got to meet President and Sora Hettinger. They are amazing. I love them so much. They are here to work! It is going to be a great *undisclosed amount of* time with them :) 

Young Women's yesterday was a hit. Three of our investigators came to church. They all loved it. I love being a missionary. IT IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh but also, the Edwards' left this week :( my heart broke. All married couples over the age of 60 need to serve missions. They change the lives of young missionaries. 

So that is the adventure of the week. Also. We are still staying with the sisters. It is a party :) pray that we find a new apartment ASAP. hahahhah :) 

Okay love you all. Have such a good week. You're all in my prayers. 

Sora Idiart 


Don't tell President.....but I hugged an Elder......Elder Edwards. Hahhahaha
JDubs......excepts not J's.....rather Unicorns. Hahahaha made me laugh.

Sometimes the other sisters have your keys & you're waiting for them at your apartment,
for an hour & you bought watermelon to eat for breakfast, b
ut you haven't had dinner. . . and you conveniently have 2 spoons, 
so you eat that for dinner :) 

GOOD MORNING CHISINAU ft. 8 surori + retainer lol

Tribute to Sora Stanley <333333


Three generations :') 

This picture perfectly describes Moldovans . . . 

July 10, 2017



La mulți ani to the greatest parents this world has ever seen. I love and adore you. Miss you loads. So glad that you are celebrating together<333333333333 mulți înainte :)

So here is a scripture which will lead into the explanation on this CRAZY WEEK :-) Alma 26:12 "Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for IN His strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise His name forever." Guys. If ever I needed a scripture more in my life than this one. Man. Let me explain why:

This week we met with Ala. Ala is our 40ish year old investigator. I think I mentioned her a few weeks ago. Well lately she's just been MIA. But her baptism was planned for this week. Since we hadn't been able to meet up with her consistently to teach her the rest of the lessons (commandments and what have you), we had decided to push her baptismal date back a week or two. Well we met with her on Tuesday. She was STOKED to get baptized still. So. Ya know. We decided to more forward with it. And just teach her all the lessons that we still needed to teach her this past week. This verse in Alma was one of the verses that I read to help calm my worried heart about her not being ready. I've seen SO MANY MIGHTY miracles on my mission, so why not one more? Sora Nemelka, along with the Godfrey's, worked really hard to get her prepared. We called and talked to President Hettinger, and he gave us the green light. Well. Friday roles around. We get a call from Ala saying that she just can't go through with the baptism tomorrow. AFTER we had told all of the missionaries to invite their friends, members, etc. It was disheartening, BUT YA KNOW WHAT? I had told myself, "I'm going to move forward with faith. Ala needs the blessings in her life that will come after being baptized and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. But ya know. Heavenly Father. I need to know for sure. So if the timing isn't your timing, then PLEASE LET US KNOW."

We He sure did let us know hahahahaha :) So. No baptism. But Ala still wants to learn and continue to progress towards baptism. So this scripture gave me double comfort this week. Lessons learned: TRUST in Heavenly Father, move forward with faith, don't get discouraged, keep going, love the work you're doing, etc. It was a good learning and growing experience - SO Satan worked hard, but he didn't win. He will NEVER win.

Also another Satan moment: Sora Nemelka got food poisoning....which consisted of me being up all night with her, and her being up all night.....but puking. And then staying in all day and updating our area book <333333333 I also do not understand how I used to function on 3 hours of sleep????????? DEFINITELY cannot do that anymore....... hahahahah :) 

One super duper highlight is that we started a Young Women's program for some of the girls here. Most of the members here are too old for Young Women's but A LOT of our investigators aren't. So us and the other sisters are taking turns every week to teach. SUPER FUN. This past Sunday was the first week. It was great. Brought back some really sweet memories. SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE GREAT AND MANY YOUNG WOMEN'S LEADERS WHICH I HAD. WOULDN'T BE HERE WITHOUT YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT. XOXOX YOU THE REAL HEROES. 

ALSO PRESIDENT AND SORA HETTINGER ARE HERE AND THEY ARE THE COOLEST!!!!!!!!! I miss the Ivory's 900% of the time, but I'm SO STOKED to get to work with the Hettinger's. Seriously. We had a skype meeting with them and all the other missionaries. It's gonna be a gooooooooooood next bit of the mish (unspecified time b/c who is counting?????) 

Okay sorry. Long email hahaha. But that was my week. I know that Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ will ALWAYS help us when we need it. Okay. Love you. You're all in my prayers. Go help someone today. And tomorrow. And everyday. Smile at strangers. Give someone a hug. Church is true. Gospel is also true. Jesus loves you. Thanks for all your love and support!

Sora Idiart 

american flags came in handy. #merica #thanksdrew #hahahaha

sacred grove of sacred grove? #1820

cute Ana Maria after church on Sunday. 
She's one of our friends who is starting to read the Book of Mormon this week! :)

Our Young Women <3333333 

lol for "Family Night" we had a huge water fight. Everyone for some reason decided to gang up on me???? I don't understand?????? but I was completely drenched from head to toe. It was just really fun :-) like that big garbage can? Yeah. That got dumped on me :-)