January 30, 2017

Sign Language. What a concept.

Note: Translations in Red, provided by Sarah on Google Translate. . . 

Well fam. This week was plin de missionary work (full of missionary work) .Very fun. Very exciting. Very good. 

But. Let's share a scripture before we dive on into it. Actually this week there are a few scrips. Every week it is just too dang hard for me to choose because 1) we study so much and 2) SO MANY GOODIES!!!!!!! But while I was studying Ether 12:27 one day, I then also found Deuteronomy 11:8 (new fave) as well as Hebrews 11:33. Let me give to you the recipe to become a strong super-human in this life: humility, keeping the commandments, and FAITH. Bă. (Yo) That's all you need. That' it. Super hero. Bam. Cu mare plăcere my friends. (With pleasure my friends. . . not sure what she means here?)

Have you ever tried talking to someone who is deaf, also not knowing a lick of ASL let alone Moldovan sign language? Have you ever tried teaching a lesson do someone who is deaf? We did. Tanea. She's a really cool human being. Lip reading in a foreign language. That's fun stuff. No, but really. We had a super great lesson, jam packed with the Spirit. Simple and bold (written/drawn) testimony of Christ's suffering for us and understanding our problems and difficulties. Powerful. He KNOWS all of our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual struggles. He has overcome them. We have the ability to overcome them, whether in this life or the next! How SWEET is that knowledge? So if anyone back in the United States of America wants to send me a Moldovan Sign Language alphabet, that would be sweet :) 

We also had a super cool experience last night with another investigator, Galina. We met Galina a few weeks ago while on our way to an appointment. Sora Schow was talking to someone and I was looking for someone to talk to #missionaryworkneverends. So Galina is looking at my name tag, and she just goes ahead and asks me, "So what is different about your church?". Uh. Hello. Let me tell you about the restoration of the church and gospel of Jesus Christ + prophets + priesthood + temples + MIRACLES. It was very awesome. Dreams do come true. Anyways, last night was our second time meeting up with her. Moldovan's and Romanian's love to talk. The first time we met up with her, there wasn't a whole lot of us talking or teaching. Mostly her talking. But we did end up leaving her a Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlet. We went back yesterday and dudes. She was 100% on board with everything. Specifically the Book of Mormon. At one point, she started thanking God for answering all of her questions she's ever had while reading the Bible, aka "other sheep I have which are not of this fold". She is someone who is searching for truth. They exist everywhere! She's a crack up though. Her brain goes a million miles a minute. Love it.

Church is true. 

Sora Idiart 

Sick air băăăăăăăă (YOoooooo) haha 
This is from sledding a few weeks ago. The computers still have viruses, here, so I can't upload anything new. And I've been slacking at pics. So. Enjoy this shot of me right before getting a concussion ;))))))) 

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands *clap clap*

Sledding is MOST DEFINITELY against the rules I'm sure. . . But the Zone Leaders were there.
And one of the senior couples. So it's fiiiiiiine.
But notice that my beanie is gone. Never once did I make it down w/o losing my hat. Rad. 

January 23, 2017

Clatite + Jon Bellion = Testimony


Last week my wonderful father told me he couldn't understand my emails because I use to much slang. So. WASSSGOOOOOOD? Hahah. Love you dad ;) 

Scripture POWER: Man. I read some good ones this week. This one comes courtesy of cel sfant, FRATELE SIMMONS. Hahah bringing me back 5 months ago to my MTC days. SO 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. Man. Did I need this scripture to buoy me up this week. The strength of OUR LORD Jesus Christ is made perfect in OUR weaknesses. I'm sure that my weaknesses and shortcoming alone are enough to give Him strength for the whole world, hahaha :) But really. What powerful doctrine and comfort can be found in those verses. Read them! 

So guys. This week was really hard! But also, Heavenly Father is SO mindful of us while we go through trials. Elder Day passed away on Tuesday. He was the senior couple Elder I worked with while I lived for 4 months in Arad. It was a pretty big shock to hear that Tuesday night. I felt a serious sadness and loss for someone who I love. I felt an aching to be back in Arad to comfort his wife, Sora Day. I wanted to help lift up my former companion, Sora Purtschert and Elder Ditto as they tried helping Sora Day get through the death of her husband. I wanted to hug all of the members of that tiny branch. Even among all of that, I still felt the Savior buoying me up. I felt the peace and comfort that comes from knowing and believing that I will see Elder Day again. It takes power and faith to believe in the things, you know . . . does that make sense? I know the logistics of the Plan of Salvation. And now, I really believe in them as well. Heavenly Father does have a plan for us. It is perfect. We may not understand the timing, but He does. 

My mission, and really my life, will be blessed because I was able to serve with Elder Day. I am so blessed to have been able to consider him a friend. I am happy to know that death is not the end.

SO. To explain a bit about my subject. Saturday. Sora Schow and I are eating clatite in this place called Foisor. Also, clatite are like crepes. Dang good. So we're eating these clatite. Well before that actually. Sora Schow is saying a blessing over our clatite. And while she is doing that, I'm saying my own little prayer. Having a chat with Heavenly Father. Because I was frustrated and upset with Him. Basically I'm telling Him that some trials are just too hard to face on your mission, blah, blah, blah (I am complaining. Because that is something I am good at. Although, trying very hard to not be good at it anymore hahahaha). I practically ask Him to show me a sign that it's even worth it to stay out here in this little baby Russia country. Then we start eating our clatite. And guess what. Guillotine by Jon Bellion starts playing over the speakers. I'm pretty sure that will be the song that the trumpets are playing at the Savior's Second Coming. Or at least that will be what I hear. I almost started crying. Yes, I know. I am crazy. BUT that was a SERIOUS tender mercy, my friends. That was Heavenly Father's way of letting me know, that yeah. I DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO KEEP GOING. And so keep going, I will. 

Okay and also, one other thing that made me happy this week. Yesterday Sora Schow and I went to a Baptist service. It was basically a rock concert. Dope. We went with this real cute girl we met named Catalina. It warmed my heart to see a packed room of people who truly love the Savior. I'm convinced that if they don't get the opportunity to accept the fullness of the gospel in this life/aren't prepared, OH FOR SURE in the next :) 

Thank you for all your love and prayers and support. It means the world to me. I love you all. I pray for you all, on the daily. You guys are everything to me! Keep Sora Day and her family in your prayers for me :) and the missionaries (Sora Purtschert and Elder Ditto especially) and members in Arad as well. Thanks a ton :)

Sora Idiart 

When the other sisters in Chisinau, Moldova go on an exchange in Romania (swapping companions to do work in a new place, for a short time) . . . and you ask them to bring you back THE BEST YOGURT EVER. And they do. And you are so happy. Because it is the best yogurt. And like 0% of the dairy in Moldova is apparently safe to consume. So you have been very sad about that for the last 3 weeks. #miracle

January 16, 2017




Moldova is definitely a strange land where Heavenly Father is SO MINDFUL of His children. Christ is counting His sheep here. FLIP I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. BOASTING. MISSIONARY WORK IS THE BEST. HEAVENLY FATHER ROCKS. 

Super cool week. Opening your mouth and talking to literally every human brings some serious blessings. We got 18 numbers this week! EIGHTEEN PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN BEING HAPPIER THROUGH JESUS CHRIST AND HIS ATONEMENT. Flip. Good stuff. 

One of those people who is interested is a super cool girl named Ana. We were talking to her on the bus after a super creepy bloc knocking experience (I will spare you the details mom hahah but don't worry. I am fine ;) always protected #blessup). And she said this to us, "Yeah, I'm searching for myself to know to the truth." All of her family and friends are baptist, but she hasn't been baptized yet because she can feel something lacking........THAT IS AN ANSWER TO ANY MISSIONARIES PRAYERS. We got her number. Then later that night, our phone BROKE. STOPPED WORKING COMPLETELY. WE LOST HER NUMBER. So sad. BUT THEN WE RAN INTO HER LATER ON IN THE WEEK AND APPOLOGIZED FOR NOT CALLING HER BECAUSE OUR PHONE BROKE AND SHE GAVE IT TO US AGAIN. Heavenly Father, dude. He is mindful of His children who are SEARCHING (!!!!!!!!!!) for the truth. I love this work. I love these people. 

BAPTISM. Dudes. Arti. One of the Elder's investigators was baptized on Saturday. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. THE SPIRIT. It was so strong. Our investigator Mihaela came. She was feeling the Spirit super strong. She loved it. I loved it. Heavenly Father loved it. Arti loved it. Everyone loved it. After the socializing and what not, Sora Schow and I had a short lesson with Mihaela about baptism. We invited her to be baptized. She said no, BUUUUUT because she wants to be prepared and know more. Fair. We've taught her two lessons. Hahaha. But she did say that she knows that it would be a path that God would be proud of. And she wants it eventually (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :) :) :) :) she is so cute. I will attach a picture of her teaching us Korean haha :) I will speak 9 languages by the time I come home (IN A YEAR?!?! WHAT)

Just like Ammon says in verse 12, I "will praise His name forever" for letting me have this opportunity to change and for softening my heart. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. "I cannot say the smallest part which I feel" :)

Sora Idiart 

PS read Matt. 15:22-28 if you want extra AWESOMENESS IN YOUR WEEK. I want to be like this woman. 

Say hello to my new comp, Sora Schow! Us last week when it was sn*wing :')

An animal was killed in the making of this picture . . . 
b/c this is an animal hat. Not sure what animal. 
Also it is one of the Russian elder's. But don't worry. I
 will purchase one shortly. Too cold here. 
Animals figured out how to survive. Just tryna survive out here fam

This almost fell on my head :-)

Broke out the boots. Will be wearing them for the next 2 months. Lolz. 

"Sledding" hahahha

THE BOIZ OF CHISIZZLE. Notice the halo around Arti? 

Mihalea teaching us Korean. . . 

Video of a Preparation Day Adventure. . . Sledding.  40 Lei is about $2 (for all those buckets!)

Action Scenes from Moldovan Bucket Sledding Adventures

January 9, 2017



Moldova is baby Russia. I have been inside for almost an hour and my toes are still frozen little baby piggies. Hahahah

OKAY SCRIPTURE TIME. I started reading the New Testament. MAN IT IS PACKED WITH GOODNESS. I really really really loved two verses in particular. Matthew 9:37 and 10:16. Also Nephi 22:2. Flip. The scriptures are filled with GOLD my friends. 

Okay so more about Chisinau! It really is baby Russia here. When I talk to people on the bus, I have about a 50% chance they will speak Romanian......so. I am learning Russian. Haha :) also it was a sold -25 degrees FAHRENHEIT the other day. I thought I was going to die. Because also sn*w. Ew gross. But because it is baby Russia, most of the people celebrate Christmas on the Russian Christmas day, Jan 7th! So I got two Christmases. My new companion, Sora Schow is so cute. She filled a stocking for me and everything :') We also got to do some DOPE carol contacting. We got on a bus, all 10 of us Romanian speaking missionaries, and just sang our little hearts out. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Met some really dope people doing it. Meeting up with them later this week :) SUPER STRANGE to be in a city where there are 20 missionaries.....coming from a city with 4 hahaha BUT IT ROCKS. Dope humans here.

Two super cool other experiences:

1. Claudia and Co. Met this dope family (mom, dad, two little girls - 13 and 8) bloc knocking my first day here in Chis. Last floor, last door. LOVE THEM. We help their daughters with English and teach them about what we believe. Super promising. Their 13 year old daughter Ana is sharp as a tack. 
2. We had a lesson with a recent convert, Adriana, and her kid brother, Chiriel. We were talking about our future plans/how we can involve Christ in them. I asked Chiriel, "Ce vrei pentru viata ta?" (What do you want for your life?) and his response was H U M B L I N G. Eye opening. Wowza. "As vrea Isus Hristos sa fie langa mine." (I want Jesus Christ to be by me) This kid is 9 years old. Flip guys. Is that your immediate response when asked that question? It's mine now! Why has it taken me almost 6 months to figure that out?!?!?! I swear. I'm pretty sure the reason why Heavenly Father wants me on a mission is to help and change me. I'm not sure if I even can help these people! Little 9 year olds putting me in my place!!!! I LOVE BEING HERE!!!!!! 

If we put Christ at the center and focus of everything we do this year, our lives will be full of purpose and love. I can promise you that. I've seen it happen this past week. HE IS THE REASON WE ARE HERE. He is the only one who can help you figure out why you're here. I'm working on it! 

I LOVE YOU ALL. HAVE A GREAT WEEK. STAY WARM. Wear some wool socks. 

Sora Idiart 

ps sorry for no pictures. I need to buy a card reader....didn't have time today. Went sledding. Have some dope videos and pics of me wiping out. Will send next week :) basically still look the same. Just colder. With snot frozen on the inside of my nose. And some frostbite. Hehe jk abt the frostbite

January 2, 2017

What I learned this Transfer: MOLD

Hahahahha hello family. I'm laughing because my title. I realized it is a pun. And I didn't even mean for it to be..... ANYWAYS LETS CONTINUE. 

Scripture of the week! Helaman 5:12. I think I've already shared this. BUT DANG IT IS POWERFUL. Foundation. On Christ. Do it. 

Alrighty. So the subject. This past transfer Sora Purtchert and I learned that mold grows. On everything. In our apartment. Hahah. Who woulda thought?! 

Also. I'm being transferred. TO MOLDOVA. Hahaha. So that's why I laughed :) I fly there tomorrow morning. More adventures await! Very excited, but also so so so so so so so sad to be leaving Arad. And Sora Purtschert. Mostly Sora Purtschert :( BUT Sora Schow *new companion* is going to be dope. Really excited to serve with her. I'll also be in the same district as Elder Lemon from my MTC group again! Yeet! 

Sora P and I were both pretty under the weather these past few days :( way bummer to end our transfer like that, but all is well! We served a great one together. Sorry this email is short! Still not feeling super hot/have to finish packing/getting rid of things so that my bags don't weight over 50 pounds.....yikes. 


Sora Idiart 

Poor turn out at English Class . . . equals hang man. 

Hahaha it was actually a blast. Shout out to Elder Ditto for snagging these pics!

From Sarah: Here is a photo of Emma as she was about to board her flight from Timisoara, Romania to Chinisau, Moldova.  She had to drive 90 min south to the airport to catch a 3 hour flight.  The Days (Senior Couple) told me she had been very sick for the past few days, so the mission flew her, rather than have her take a 22 hour night train.  Part of the reason the train takes so long is that it stops in each city for up to 2 hours.  Plus, at the Moldovan boarder, the train must change wheels, which necessitates a 4 hour layover!! Soviet train tracks aren't the same as Romanian tracks?!?!  Poor thing. I hope her ears don't hurt on the flight!

Also from Sarah: Emma saying goodbye to friends in the Arad Branch before her transfer.  The lady on the far left in each picture is Ana Mogoş.  Sora Mogoş sends me FB messages and photos of Emma, keeps me updated on Branch events.  I will miss having the inside scoop on my girl!