December 26, 2016



But first. Let me start with the weekly scripture: Moroni 9:25. May Christ lift you up this week. Dang. He doesn't even lift me up anymore. Pretty sure I've been riding piggy-back for the last 5 months hahah. But really. I read this verse the past week. POETRY. 

This week was FULL OF MIRACLES. Can I get a Christmas miracles shoutout or WHAT. We had zone conference up in Cluj for all the missionaries out here in the west #westisbestBABBBY. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. But first. On the train ride up Tuesday night....I gave out my first Book of Mormon to a stranger! His name was Draco Malfoy or something like that haha jk not Draco Malfoy. But Drancu. Oricum. Really dope. He was super chill. Sora P pushes me to be bold. Flipping love this comp of mine. 

OKAY SO AT ZONE CONFERENCE I GOT TO SEE SORA STANLEY !!!!!!!!!! REMEMBER HER?!??!?! MY MISSION MOTHER?!?!?! YEAH. IT WAS AWESOME! Also I got to see Sora Dusenberry (MAH GIRL), Elder Trottier, AND ELDER PERRETT!!!!!!!!!! Shoutout to the best 6 weeks of my life <33333 What a blessed day. Also, I love the Ivory's. Best mission president (President Ivory) + real mission president (Sora Ivory) hahah. People. WE NEED TO FOCUS ON PEOPLE. GET TO KNOW PEOPLE. Christ ministered one by one. We should to! New Year's resolution #98263865872463. 

Not sure if I've talked about how much Sora P and I love kurtos kalacs yet ???? Probably. Oricum. We learned some Hungarian carols and sang to Eni (our BFF who knows our kurtos order) AND gave her a Book of Mormon in Hungarian! Sora Mogos helped us translate our testimonies from Romanian into Hungarian for her :) a lot of people here know Hungarian. Very fun. I know how to say yes, no, hi, and what's up. Who knew that my mission call would also include learning Hungarian? hahaha 

So one super fun Christmas tradition/thing that Romanians do=CAROL. The 23rd was actually like the national day of caroling. But they do it ALL NIGHT LONG on Christmas Eve. So we did too. Literally. 5 hours. DOPE. And then 4 hours yesterday. I've realized that I do a lot of singing in this country. . . I feel very bad for them. But hey. Some guy gave us a huge bag of oranges. And also tried giving us 50 lei. Maybe I could make it a career? Or at least be able to afford all those chocolate santas hahaha

I LOVE THE SAVIOR. I'm so grateful for everything that He is in my life. I'm grateful for the strength and comfort that He offers me on a daily basis. I'm grateful for this time of year. CHRISTMAS ALL THE TIME. 

I love you all. Have a great week :) 
xoxoox Sora Idiart 

MY HOMIES from the MTC :') frick I love these humans. 

hahahahha My Companion, Sora P is so cute 

This was the elders xmas present to us.....hahahhaha love them 

Punk Rock will never die 

Me and my boyfriend


Freaking cold dude

These were taken off  The Senior Missionary Couple in Arad hosted all the missionaries and Branch members for lunch after Christmas Services.  The top pictures is Sora Ana Mogos talking about making a special Romanian dessert and the bottom picture is a quartet singing to everyone.

December 19, 2016



HOW ARE YOU!!??!?!? I hope your week was awesome. My week rocked. 

Scripture to check out: Ether 12:18-19. Is your foundation FIRM in Christ? It needs to be before anything else! 

OKAY SO THIS WEEEEEEEEEEK! Many things happened. Twas a good week. Sora P and I just ran ourselves to the ground. And it was great. First off, DON'T YOU JUST LOVE THE CHRISTMAS VIDEO THE CHURCH MADE?! It's been a huge tool for us. People love light. And they typically love Christ. And they all love Christmas. And generally people like to help others. SO THE VIDEO IS MAGIC. HERE is the link in case you haven't seen it :) 

Here is a funny language story...these seem to keep happening. Lol. Okay so Sora P and I were on the tramvai on our way home for lunch...I hear this super cute family speaking French. So I go, "Hey, I'm 1/2 French. Let's see if they also speak Romanian".....So I ask the mom if they're from France. She replies yes. I tell her that my family is from France. THEN SHE WHIPS OUT SOME MAD FAST FRENCH. I don't know French. At all. So I tell her, "Nu, nu, nu. Nu vorbesc Franța" aka I told her I don't speak France....not French. Hahaha. Pretty sure she also could tell that I don't speak Romanian ;) learning! 

We have this cute friend named Mada. She's great. We were walking around with her, speaking in English (she likes practicing with native speakers mwuahaha). Sora P has a stroke of GENIUS and we showed her the Christmas video. She opened up to us about how one of her friends was recently diagnosed with cancer. Bore simple testimony about the Plan of Salvation, and kept walking. Later as we were waiting with her for her mom to pick her up, I was like, " Mada, I can't stop thinking about your friend who has cancer. That can be a super scary thing because there is so much uncertainty in the world about life after death. But we believe something super cool. Would you be interested in learning more?" She said...YES! Yeet.

Also we met this super cool girl named Laura. With green hair. She's dope.

AND I learned how to make Sarmale. So good. Making it every Christmas from now on. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! KEEP GOING! Praying for you. Merry Christmas :) stoked to talk to you on Christmas! 

Sora Idiart 

(Emma sent pictures without captions and one can only GUESS
what she is thinking about these photos?!?!? . . . Sorry!!)

(And a funny video about the icy conditions in Romania!)

December 12, 2016



WOW. This week was a long one! Lots happened! BUT FIRST . . . 

. . . scripture hehe okay. So Mormon 9:21 & 27. DANG FAM. I love these verses. Especially verse 27 when it says "...come unto the Lord with all your heart, and work out your own salvation". YO. IT TAKES WORK. And it can be really hard. It can be hard to start. But you can do it. Whatever you are on the path. You can do it. It's easier when you have a real love for the Savior. PLEASE KNOW. HE LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!! x3984758495 more (!!!!!!'s). I promise. I know. I have felt His love for myself, for the people of Romania, and for you. Just do it. You've got it :) 

Alright so! More about my week! It was hard! But I can do hard things . . . all through Christ and His sacrifice and love for me :)

One DOPE thing that happened: our cute mom friend who we help with English, Irina, gave us some DANG GOOD homemade zacusca. Spelling? Not sure. But it's this way good Romanian vegetable spread thing. Flip. I think me and Sora P. ate like half of the can in one sitting. So yum. Way yum. We had a great spiritual thought with her after our English lesson. She asked if we could pray together at the end (she's very Baptist), and MAN. Her words were sincere - so heartfelt. Inspired me to do better. Am I really making my prayers with my Heavenly Father a conversation? I am from now on! 

You guys. I am SO GRATEFUL for the Plan of Salvation/Redemption/Happiness. This weekend less-active member who I've spent a lot of time with the past 3.5 months passed away Friday morning. Hard! Her name was Elisabeta Sabou - 70 years old! Sora P. and I spent probably a total of 15 hours with her over the past two weeks in the hospital, when her daughters/granddaughters couldn't be at the hospital. One of the funniest, most witty old woman. Sora P. and I had to talk with the family - in the best Romanian funeral terms we could muster - for a good chunk of the morning. My heart literally broke seeing the sorrow in their eyes. 

DEATH IS NOT THE END MY FRIENDS. I KNOW THIS. Which reminds me of another verse that I really loved this week in Mormon 7:5. Because of Christ, we WILL see our family members who have passed on. The sting of death is swallowed in Christ. Yes the sting is still there, but we can turn to the Lord. We can turn to Jesus Christ. We can find strength in Him. I find strength in Him everyday. 

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I love Arad. I love my companion. I love my Heavenly Father. I love Jesus Christ. I love their teachings. I love being in Romania. FLIP it's hard. So hard. BUT I LOVE IT! I am praying for you all! Thank you for your prayers and love and support!

Cu drag xoxoxo
Sora Idiart 

love this companion of mine

still rly love her

sometimes (all the time) i imitate "Miranda Sings" . . . 
and also we got Kürtőskalács everyday last week, hahahhaha whoops 

?????? Romania doesn't know how to speak English very well hahahaha

Christmas Concert in Oradea
(From Ana Mogos, a woman in Emma's Branch)
Flyer for the Christmas Concert in Oradea.  
Can you believe Emma can speak this language?

NOTE FROM SARAH:  These things remind me of Robert Stebbins Camping Treats:
Kürtőskalács are cakes baked on a metal tube/spit specific to Hungarian-speaking regions in Romania.  In past years, they were considered a festive treat but they are now part of everyday consumption. (oh good, Emma is doing something normal by eating these daily, even if her "Miranda" impersonations are anything but normal.)
Kürtőskalács are made from a strip of sweet, yeast dough, which is spun and then wrapped around a truncated cone–shaped baking spit, and rolled in granulated sugar. It is roasted over charcoal while basted with melted butter, until its surface cooks to a golden-brown color. During the baking process the sugar sticks on the kürtőskalács and caramelizes, forming a shiny, crispy crust. The surface of the cake can then be topped with additional ingredients such as ground walnuts or cinnamon. (I guess I will be visiting Romania to try these bad boys next year!)

December 8, 2016

Hahahaha I found out what "fur" means in Romanian


How are you?!?!?! I am great! Thank you for your continued prayers and love and support and WOWZA. Really. I really do feel ultra loved. I hope you know how much I love you! 

Scripture POWA: Okay so this week. Tears. I've been reading in 3 Nephi lately. SO I GOT TO MY FAVORITE CHAPTER IN ALL SCRIPTURE!!!!!!! And this time one verse really stuck out to me. WAY HARD. 3 Nephi 22:11. I LOVE THIS VERSE. Flip. Okay. If you feel like Jesus Christ has abandoned you, read this verse. If you can't feel Him there, IT IS BECAUSE HE IS LAYING YOUR FOUNDATION. And He's laying a dang beautiful one. Keep going. Keep praying. Keep trying to feel Him. You will. He is there. HE LOVES YOU. Man. This scripture. Hit me like a ROCK this week. Hopefully this helps you, reader of my blog<3 

Okay also one more thing. Something that Sora Purtschert said this week. Trials=bring us closer to Christ. Because we have to rely on His atonement to get through them. If you're going through something hard right now, keep going and rely on Him. He who is might to save. He knows you! BY NAME. Ugh. You guys. Can I just. BLAH. I LOVE MY SAVIOR. I have felt His love for me and for you and for my companions and for these people here in Romania. It's real. 

Okay so now I know all of you are wondering what "fur" means in Romanian hahaha (refer to last week's email if you are confused and don't know what I'm talking about). SO "fur" means "I steal". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I now understand why that girl was so annoyed/concerned. 

It snowed here . . . it has begun. We went running in it. Wished I would have not been lazy while in Utah and practiced running in snow hahahaha but it's okay. I only slipped 900 times :) 

Okay that's all I have time for! I love you all! Sorry this email is so so so short! But I need to go buy some warm clothes. So I don't freeze to death<33333 fun fact. Every morning when we go running, an old person yells at us. Because Romanians believe that the cold has an ability to freeze your eggs. As in future children. So. I need to buy "fatter" clothing (also a Romanian thing haha). Anyways . . . culture lesson over haha PRAYING FOR ALL OF YOU! 

Sora Idiart 

Sora Purtschert<333 and Ashley Tisdale<3333 hahaha

The Elders apparently have a set of keys to our apartment . . . 
so what do they do when they know we're out of town with the Senior couple? 
TP our apartment and leave us MY FAVORITE chocolate santa's hahaha 

New country, Same me. hahahahah 

WIND and my Cute Companion 

We wanted to go grocery shopping this morning after running . . . 
but you have to be in proselyting clothes. . . . 
so . . . this was our solution. W
e ended up not going shopping looking like that. Hahahaha