September 20, 2016

Blessing come for HAAAAAARD work

Hey fam!

I think I maybe walked 900 miles this week between meetings, contacting, finding less-actives, and the normal/daily adventures that Sora Stanley and I seem to keep having :) (I can't find the hashtag on this Romanian keyboard or else I would do "hashtag get fit" haha)

1 Nephi 13:37 - I started rereading the Book of Mormon and wow. I love that book. It is BOM hahhaha ;) mormon puns. How they give me life. I LOVE THE ENTIRE VERSE. We need to SEEK to bring forth Zion. SEEK in all instances to be better and stronger and more faithful. But I really love the phrase "how beautiful upon the mountains shall they be". This is something I've been thinking a lot about. This week was a little rough fam, so I've had the analogy of our trials being mountains on my brain lately. But I love that this scripture says the word beautiful. When we look back on the hard things we've accomplished in this life because we have endured and had the Holy Ghost with us, WE SEE THAT OUR LIVES ARE BEAUTIFUL. Truly beautiful. Being a missionary is hard! Romanian is a way hard language, BUT the experiences I've had, the Spirit I've felt, and the people I've met have made it all seem wonderful. 

SO if you are on a mountain right now, whether it's just starting, you're in the middle, or you can almost see the peak - KEEP GOING. And look for the instances where you've felt the love of God in your life. If you can't find those moments, try harder. And then know that I love you and I'm always praying for you! 

So let me tell you about a few of those beautiful moments this week :) 

Sora Stanley really focused the beginning of our week on doing some serious contacting. To be creative and make it fun we decided to pick a color and contact THE HECK out of that color hahah aka we talked to everyone wearing that color. So Wednesday roles around and the previous days all we saw were people wearing orange (Monday's color) and yellow (Tuesday's color). So we decided to be a little more specific to be able to find THE ONE who needs the gospel. And that's when we met Flavius. Well before we met him, we saw him 4 times. He was wearing BRIGHT blue shoes and a blue shirt, which were the specifics for that day! (Ben and Josh you would have loved his shoes. They were really cool) 

OKAY ANYWAYS FLAVIUS: Really cool dude. Likes to talk a lot. So Sora Stanley and I have a hard time getting a word in edge-wise, but he's willing to listen AND EAGER. He has questions. Which is fun :) He's a pretty devote Orthodox, which is strange to find in the younger generation, BUT we've met with him, taught him, and he's followed up/kept commitments aka WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR THIS WEEK! 

Well two investigators actually. SUPER SWEET LADY in her 40's named Adriana. She is golden. The gospel will bless her life so much. SO keep her and Flavius in your prayers this week! They need the gospel! And Sora Stanley and I need to know how and what to teach them! :)

On the same note of miracles: WE HAD 20 PEOPLE (including missionaries) AT CHURCH YESTERDAY. Two of the less-actives we invited came! It really was a miracle. The work is coming along here in Arad. Heavenly Father is mindful OF ALL HIS CHILDREN!

Okay here were the adventures of the week:
Our water got shut off for a day.....hahahha there is a leakage problem...which still hasn't been fixed. But it will get fixed. Once Sora Stanley and I learn plumbing terms in Romanian or the plumber learns English...... The good thing is that we have water again! Yay for not having to wash our faces in the next-door grocery store's bathroom haha :) 

We met with a less active in Arad Nou (New Arad), which is the farthest thing from new...haha we crossed some suuuuuper sketchy/AWESOME train tracks for a few yards to get there. Which is where I saw my first Gypsy cart with a donkey and all. Very fun. Honestly though, really humbling. The people have so little, but still smile and say hello when we initiate conversation with them. I LOVE ROMANIANS SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!

I gave my first (and hopefully last) talk in Romanian yesterday! The topic was on the gifts of the Spirit. It made me grateful for the gifts I've been given, BUT how I need to work SO MUCH HARDER to develop more so that I can be a better instrument in the Lord's hands. Thank heavens for the atonement and the strength and ability to change and become better through Christ, my favorite older brother - thank heavens J and B are the best and my favorite little brothers :) 

CAN I JUST SAY THANK YOU for all of the prayers and love and support I've received?! I know I say this every week, but S E R I O U S L Y. I am made strong and better 1) through the Savior but 2) through all of you. I love and pray for everyone of you back home. Keep it up. I love you and Heavenly Father loves you. Have a great week!

Cu drag,
Sora Idiart 

Making friends after lunch. Pigeons are the spawn of Satan. I hate them. They give me nightmares. 
Just doing some weekly planning with my two homies (Sora Stanley and the Savior. Dream team)

How I felt after weekly planning/updating the area book 

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