September 27, 2016

"A Sense of Death & Adventure"

Hi fam :)

So the title of this email... that is how Sora Stanley and I feel every time we try to cross a street. You never really know if you're going to die or not! Luckily the Lord protects His missionaries, so we haven't even been hit one time yet haha :)

OKAY SCRIPTURE OF THE WEEK: D&C 75:5 - we shared this with a less-active (Dana Muscan) this week, but really I needed to read it more than she did. Shout out to Aunt Tiff for being a BOMB D&C seminary teacher (and Uncle Aaron and Aunt Allison BUT I'm pretty sure I was still in Tiff's class when we read this section haha) and helping me understand this scripture a bit "sheaves" means blessings. SO the Lord PROMISES us to laden us with blessings , glory, immortality, AND eternal life IF we are faithful. WE GET ALL OF THAT IS WE ARE FAITHFUL?!?!??! Okay. Sounds good to me. So be faithful my dudes! But also be faithful because you love the Lord ;) haha but really.

I don't have much time because I'm currently riding in a bus, using the senior couple's phone hot spot, TO CORVIN CASTLE. I will send pics next week. IT IS GOING TO BE SO FUN. Especially after driving a total of 8 hours. Reminds me of my Sasquatch days. #RIPtomymirandavoicefriends

This week was crazy! Lots of ups - a few downs BUT mostly ups :) a lot of appointments canceled on us, a lot of doors slammed in our faces, but REALLY BEAUTIFUL sunsets every night. And Sora Stanley and I just keep becoming better and better friends. Heavenly Father is mindful of me :)

One thing I wanted to talk about really quickly is prayer. S.S. and I have this eternal investigator named Rune. This week we decided to hit him hard with the Joseph Smith story. Testify boldly. Commit him to pray to know if what the missionaries have been telling him for the last year is true, and make a decision. HE PRAYED AND GUESS WHAT. He told us that he still didn't ask if everything was true, but he did pray. Which he hasn't done since he was in his teens (he's 60ish now). And he told us that when he prayed, he felt at home. WELL DUH YOU WOULD FEEL AT HOME! You're talking to YOUR FATHER !!!!!! Rune. What a character :) Anyways. That was such an awesome moment for me. To hear him tell us that prayer=home. And for him to know that and believe that. Powerful stuff.

I love you all! Keep going! Keep praying! Develop a real relationship with Heavenly Father. You can do that through prayer. TALK TO HIM. Yes! He knows everything already. But He has given us the gift of prayer - a way to communicate with Him - for our benefit. To help us develop a bond with Him. I love prayer. I love you all. I pray for you all - mostly by name. Sora Stanley gets mad at how long my prayers are in the morning because it shortens the amount of time we run ;) But I have to mention all of you by name!?!?! Just kidding. She doesn't get mad. But we do run for less time. Mwuahahaha ;)


Cu drag, 
Sora Idiart 

 SHWARMA !!!!! First time. Life changing. Don't get too scoops of the hot sauce though. You will die. And then go to a lesson and be sweating. A lot. Hahaha

 Didn't buy it....probably should have. Sounds appetizing right?! 

This bread cost 75 cents. It tasted like a cloud. They sell it at a bakery right by our apartment. I'm going to gain 60 pounds. BECAUSE I ALSO DISCOVERED FINITI (sp?) AND WOW THAT STUFF IS DANK. 

Here is the thing about Sora Stanley. She makes everything fun. And always insists on eating the smaller of the things we have in our apartment. 

So this is a tiny piece of bread + a mountain of PB & J. Nut job. Haha :)

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