September 13, 2016


Hello again fam :) feels like I just barely emailed you all! 

Scriptures of the week: 
Click ion the link to go check them out :) 

I'm going to just jump the gun. PRESIDENT UCHTDORF WAS IN ROMANIA. AND I SHOOK HIS HAND?!?!?! AND HE DID A SOUL SCAN ON ME AND NOW KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT ME WITHIN THAT 30 SECOND MEETING WE HAD ?!?! But really. Mission conference this week was amazing. Also, sorry if I spell anything wrong? It says I'm spelling everything wrong....but pretty sure I'm not haha okay so let's begin.

MONDAY - Right after emailing home GUESS WHO GOT TO WALK HOME IN A DOWNPOUR?! Me and Sora Stanley :) Really. Think Noah's flood hahha for 30 minutes. BUT no worries. Because later that night we got to walk in the rain again to hear the broadcast President Uchtdorf gave that was transmitted to all of Romania. Key take away from that: We NEED to build the church where we live. You have to remember to always be a light and example to members, less-actives, investigators, and non-members alike. I know how much pressure that is....but you can do it! I'm praying for each of you EVERY SINGLE DAY! Also get this. Sweet Sora Kranacs. She's a member of the branch. Who has to travel for 4-5 hours to get to church each week. She knew that President Uchtdorf was giving a country-wide broadcast so she left at 3pm to get to the 8pm broadcast...via bike, train, and walking. Can you believe that?! I seriously repented for complaining about walking up freshman hill, in heels, after learning about her weekly routine. THE MEMBERS HERE ROCK. 

TUESDAY - another sleeper train, another adventure. Everyday here is an adventure, I swear haha but this time Sora Stanley and I had a really awesome conversation/lesson with a sweet 15 year old named Nausica. She reminded me so much of you Rach. SOOO kind, talkative, and smart. Unfortunately/fortunately when I tried to give her a Book of Mormon I had brought with me, she said  that she already had one. So. THATS GOOD. We told her to keep going to English + to start meeting with the missionaries, which she said she would :) 

WEDNESDAY - OKAY THIS IS THE NITTY GRITTY. This was the day. The day that I told an Apostle of the Lord my name. And shook his hand. And breathed in his face. Hahaha. Okay all joking aside. It was so awesome to be taught by him. For like 2 hours. He was solely focused on us missionaries. He told us the story of his wife's conversion. And challenged us to keep going. Every day, keep going. TALK TO EVERYONE. Another thing I love that he said was to have a "Posture of humility and confidence" LOVE IT. He talked a lot about loving everyone. Never looking down on our fellow brothers and sisters. Always looking at them. This is something that we can all work on this next week! :) Oh PLUS SO COOL. Elder and Sister Boom, Area Authorities from the Netherlands (THE AUNT AND UNCLE OF SUSANNAH JACKSON'S HUBBY aka mom send this to Tracy) also spoke to us. I went up and told them about our "kind of" family connection to them haha and they were very happy to make my acquaintance. 
Also on Wednesday we went to some DOPE castles. I'll attach pics. THEY WERE DOPE. AND IT WAS SO FUN TO SEE MY MTC DISTRICT AGAIN. Those people. I love them more than I ever thought I would. Friends for life. 

THURSDAY - Brașov is THE prettiest place. It reminds me so much of home. In fact, I was getting a tad homesick on the drive because it really just looked so much like Oregon. BUT ALL IS WELL because my pals Sora Dusie and Elder Trottier and Elder Jacobson were on the same bus as me :) we also ate at The. Best. Restaurant. Ever. EVERRRRRRRRR. By the time dessert rolled around, I was sobbing. Uncontrollably. Because it was so delicious. It was like this moist cake thing and you KNOW how much I hate gross soggy sock cakes like Tres Leches.....but this was something else. An angel made it I'm pretty sure. Sorry I didn't take a pic of it.....I literally inhaled it hahaha 
Okay but also on Thursday we had a great morningside. One of the elders bore testimony about never giving up. We have no excuse to quit trying, whether on a mission or in normal civilian life lol. But really. Nothing will ever be as hard as the atonement. And nothing is too hard for the Savior to bear. Isn't that comforting?! 

FRIDAY/SATURDAY - Loooooots of contacting. We've been trying a new method of just talking about happiness. So far it has upped our meaningful conversations, but hasn't produced very many contacts/new investigators...but that will come with more hard work and faith! :) 

SUNDAY - So yesterday was fast and testimony meeting, since the week before that was the temple rededication. President Ivory invited us to bear our testimony for the branch during the first fast and testimony meeting SO I DID IT. Somehow I have forgotten all of my Romanian since leaving the MTC....but I was able to butcher it and get through it and express the feelings of my heart. Then return to the safety of my seat haha. As soon as I sat down AN OVERPOWERING feeling of love washed over me. I've never felt anything like it before. Except for maybe when I saw Florence + the Machine in concert. Haha. Joking. But seriously. It was an answer to my fasting and heartfelt prayers for the past two weeks. I had been praying to love the people of Arad, specifically the branch since I've been here. And after sitting down, I felt it. I KNOW that Heavenly Father loves these people so much. All 11 of them. They all sacrifice so much to be members of the church, as we all do. But their sacrifices are on a different level. I love them. Miracles people. They still happen in our day. This work is SO HARD. But so rewarding if you get to feel the way I feel for these people in Arad. 

Okay. Sorry this email was so long. JUST SUCH AN AWESOME WEEK !!!!!!! But alas. I am done. Thank you for all the prayers and love you're sending my way. I can feel it out here in Arad, which I really need sometimes! So thanks to every one of you. Know that I pray for you and love you! Jesus Christ is our Savior and He love you! God truly is our Father, and He wants to hear from you. P R A Y. 

Cu drag totdeauna, 
Sora Idiart  
I need to buy a little umbrella that I can stick in my bag! Earlier that morning during contacting it was like 100 degrees, then WARM RAIN.
The good thing is that I didn't get sick :)
REUNITED AHHHHH isn't she the cutest little Chiseaua sister ever?!
Hahaha like the Hollywood sign.....EXCEPT WAY COOLER
SQUAD GOALS. Probably won't see these beautiful faces
(except for S. Dusie and Elder Trottier) for who knows how long :( 

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