October 19, 2016

Almost died but didn't so that's probably a good thing ?!?! Yaaaa


Don't be alarmed (this is a pun that you will understand in about 30 seconds) by the title of this email. I am not dead. Thankfully. Hahaha but Sora Stanley and I had a SERIOUS adventure this week, which greatly cut into our contacting time :( Our carbon monoxide alarm (see, this is the pun. I'm getting better at them. Sora Stanley didn't even have to help me with this one haha) was going off! Very sad story. In 2010, two Elders serving in Timisoara passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning...so it's a requirement in all the mission apartments to have a carbon monoxide alarm. If it ever goes off, you have five minutes to pack up your things, call Sora Ivory (mission president's wife), and aren't allowed to go back into your apartment. So on Wednesday night when Sora Stanley walked into our apartment at like 8:30 for dinner, we heard the alarm going off, we did just that! LONG STORY SHORT: there was NOT a carbon monoxide leak in our apartment. The alarm itself just was dying lol. But we didn't know that until like 2pm Thursday. So we had a sleepover *woot woot!* at the senior couple's apartment. They are saints. BUT IT WAS AN ADVENTURE THAT ATE AT 5 HOURS OF PROSELYTING TIME. But it was fun. And I had a good story to write, right!??!! Thanks for always praying for my safety :) 

Okay scripture tiiiiiiiiime :) D&C 123: 12, 13, 17

THESE VERSES ARE SO DOPE. Sora Stanley and I both realized last week that we could definitely be more hardworking and diligent and courageous. We decided to read the diligence section in Preach My Gospel. These verses stuck out like a ray of sunshine in rainy Arad (you would think I was back home in Oregon with how much it has rained this past week!). I LOVE verse 13... "we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven" WE KNOW THEM. SHARE THEM. BE DILIGENT! But I also love how it says in 17 that we need to do it cheerfully. This is a happy work and a happy thing to be believers in Christ, my friends :) 

Some other things this week! 

Elder Ditto! He's the newbie. From Washington. SO not only is our district the youngest, but we also are all from the #westcoastBABBBBY. Well except for Sora Stanley.....but. She only feels a little bit left out by all of our PNW (Pacific NorthWest) lingo haha 

I'm slowly yet surely trying to stop being shy.... Me shy?!?! Yeah, it's true. This language has made me become a scared little boboaca! (note from Sarah: literal translation is Freshman, but maybe it also means newbie??) But this week Sora Stanley really pushed me to stop being scared. And by that I mean she made me do all the talking. Everytime. On every tramvai (Train). And in every lesson. So! My language is improving. Love Sora Stanley. She's a hard worker :) and she's making me become a hard worker! 

ALSO HERE IS SOMETHING. I LOVE THE MEMBERS HERE. I know I've already said that, but seriously. Yesterday Sora Stanley and I did an improptu musical thing. Yeah.....so I now sing. A lot. All the time. Hahaha these poor Romanians...having to listen to me sing. Pray for them more than anyone else. ANYWAYS: Sora Decsy. She is an angel. After singing in sacrament, I sat back down next to her. She held my hand and was just a total mom. As in, she was like you mom. She was just so sweet. I could feel her love for me. AND MY LOVE GREW SO MUCH. Heavenly Father is really blessing me. I'm so grateful to be serving these people. It is such a blessing. I am becoming better because of them (and the atonement, duh). 

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! Even though it is hard - harder than anything I've ever done/probably ever will do - IT IS WORTH IT. I love Romania. I love my Heavenly Father. I love my Savior. I love all of you. Thanks for your prayers and support. Also, it has recently been brought to my attention that I say "hahaha" maybe a little bit too much ;) so. Probably won't stop hahhahaha but YEAH. I love you all and I pray for you all everyday! KEEP BEING STRONG AND WORKING HARD AND DOING YOUR BEST. The Lord will help you with the rest :)

Sora Idiart 

Since I can't post pictures like this on snapchat all the time......here is a special treat :) hahahaha

Sora Stanley and I sooooooo happy to be eating at KFC since we had to evacuate our apartment......but honestly I was happy. KFC is DANK in Romania. So much better than the states. In fact, I love it. Very much.

LITTLE FRIEND FOLLOWED US HOME. Broke my heart that we couldn't rescue it. Sora Stanley kept tripping on it though. It would walk right under our feet hahaha Sora Stanley thought I kept trying to trip her until we realized that my foot was making a sound. And my foot in fact was a fluffy ball of fur. Fell in love. 

Classic Staninator face. Plus lil ole me. Hehe.
Sorry mom that I don't take any decent pics of my face. Whoops hehe 

Note from Sarah: When Emma was evacuated and had to stay with Elder and Sister Day, the Senior Missionary Couple, they sent me some pictures of her making a NORMAL FACE.  So here they are: 

 Sora Idiart, her companion Sora Stanley and Sora Day, a Senior Missionary

 All the young missionaries in Emma's district at Hunedoara's Corvin Castle
(When Harry Potter and friends first arrive at Hogwarts, the scene was filmed here!)

Aw, these two are so cute!  This castle was built in 1446!

 Romania had a country wide clean up day called "Let's Go Romania." 
All 6 missionaries and one investigator (The gal walking with Sora Idiart)
cleaned a bike path for a few hours.

The pipes you see here are part of an elaborate heating system that used to service the whole city. There once was a central heating plant --and steam was pumped to each block of apartments and businesses.  It was the communist way. 

Can you pick out Emma?  Not the tie dyed shirt, as you might think!
Look for the "Y"  They cleaned up 17 90 liter bags full of garbage (17 23 gallon bags fulls)

Eating at a Branch Member's home.
It looks like Emma's Amatchi's (Basque Great-Grandma) table setting and home decor.


  1. We LOVE LOVE LOVE reading Emma's blog and every.single. night in our prayers we say Bless Emma and Tanner and Sawyer (Hannah's missionary).
    Love you! Lana

  2. I love my Sora Idiart! Thanks for posting her letters and photos!

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