October 25, 2016

Fall + Hospitals....but not hospitals because I'm falling. Hospitals bc I accidentally stabbed myself in the hand hahhahaha


Scripture of the week WOOOHOOOO: Hebrews 6:10-15. ESPECIALLY 10!!!! Email me if you read it and tell my your thoughts :)

It is fall here in Arad. After the weird pre-winter weather we've been having the past few weeks, the leaves are changing and the sun is COMING OUUUUUT! So I don't have to wear my snow coat and 4 layers underneath it anymore hahaha.

Okay but yes. So. I stabbed my hand with a sharp knife. It was very painful. And there was lots of blood hahahahaha. STORY TIME: Okay so since the water isn't safe to drink from the tap, we have a water filter system in our apartment. But ours has a problem with squirting everywhere (ok I've been in Romania too long... I just spelled squirting phonetically... "skwurting" HAHAH oops). So I tried fixing it. Ended up breaking the faucet like really bad hahahaha. Anyways. Not too sure how to explain how I tried to fix it with a sharp knife...or why I thought a sharp knife would help? But I didn't want our proprietor to get mad. So I tried. And the knife ended up slipping and I stabbed my hand. Luckily it was just super deep, not long. And I missed all the major arteries? So yeah. But I didn't go to the hospital. ROMANIAN HOSPITALS ARE SKETCHHHHHY and not clean. So we went to a member's house (she's a nurse) and she cleaned it out/made sure it wasn't infected. Then the elders gave us some American super glue (Romania super glue is not really super glue haha)...SO PROBLEM SOLVED. YEET. It's gonna be a sweeeeet scar. Lit. 

But we did end up going to the hospital on a different day because our investigator Mariana had some heart complications, which led to surgery! SCARY OR WHAT?!?! She is the wife of a recent convert (who is actually in New York for the time being) who has been an investigator for almost two years. Doesn't really want to change religions (Orthodox). But she loves having us over. And eventually one set of sisters or elders is going to really connect with her and she will be baptized. She's an incredibly strong and faithful woman. LOVES prayer. And the scriptures. Especially the Book of Mormon.. ANYWAYS. We were kinda freaking out when we heard that she was in the hospital! So we went over to check on her. Her son Paul was there also (also an investigator....can't kick the smoking habit). Both were really touched that we came by. While we where there, I felt like we should call the elders to have them come over to give her a blessing. OUR ELDERS ROCK! They dropped everything to come over to give her a blessing. The Spirit was STRONG in that room. Paul and Mariana were in tears after it was over. I know that both of them felt the love that their Heavenly Father has for them. Powerful experience. 

HOW GRATEFUL I AM FOR THE PRIESTHOOD!!!! And the worthy priesthood holders I have in my life! YOU GUYS ARE THE REAL MVPs! Keep being worthy and willing to exercise the LITERAL power of God, on earth. 

Arad is the greatest. I literally never want to leave. I love their slow, lazy style of speech. This city will always have my heart <3333333 (unless I serve in Brașov bc THOSE TREES AND MOUNTAINS YO JK love Arad)

UGH I JUST LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Thanks to everyone who has written me letters, emails, etc. I can feel the love from 6,000 miles away :) I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I have THE BEST support system. Family. Friends. Wardies. You guys are the best. 


xoxox Sora Idiart 

Okay I know it looks like nothing BUT IT WAS SO GROSS AND PAINFUL.
Little pieces of flesh (like muscle or something idk I'm not a doctor) were hanging out !!!!!!!!!
Super glued update. Hahaha. I'm an over exaggerator, OK I GET IT. I'M A DRAMA QUEEN. :)
Hehehe xoxox from your favorite sister missionaries !!!!!!! We are good doctors :-)
Since they don't celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving (duh), STRAIGHT TO CHRISTMAS! 
AKA it is acceptable to only play Christmas hymns in our apartment. 
And eat chocolate Santa's whenever we want. So we do. 
B/C it's DANG GOOD chocolate for like 15 cents. Love how cheap it is here <333
Little study corner updated with the recent letters I received
that had pics and drawings...THANKS CAM AND NIKKI!!! :) 

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