October 5, 2016


Hey fam :) 


Not really one verse hahaha :) I started rereading the Book of Mormon lately and a few things have really been sticking out to me. THE ISAIAH CHAPTERS IN 2 NEPHI ARE DOOOOOPE I love them. And Jacob. That's also a really powerhouse book. But I love how they prophesy and talk about our day. Two things have been sticking out to me: diligence and keeping the commandments. Have you ever noticed that that's all we really need to do? KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS. And the blessings of heaven are poured out unto us. And if we keep them diligently and with a willing heart then BAM. Everything will be okay. Keeping the commandments is hard. But so is out-running Sora Stanley. Fortunately for me, one of those things is attainable and what the Lord expects of me (the keeping the commandments thing. Even though Sora Stanley makes me go running every morning for excercise time hehe). He expects that of all of us. We agreed to it before we came down to this life. So let's recommit to keeping the commandments a little better this week, shall we?!

AND there was actually one scripture that I really want to share with you all. Sora Stanley and I decided to study and pray for patience this week. I understand why they caution you to ask for more patience in your life.....hahaha kidding. This week has been full of miracles and moments that have made me grow (by trying my patience lol). Mosiah 23: 21-22 = patience, faith, and trust WILL lift us up to the level God knows we can be at. And also one more scripture. Alma 31:31. Doesn't get better than that. 

ALRIGHT sorry for all that doctrine according to Sora Idiart haha about my week! 

SORA STANLEY is a flipping wizard at the violin. No joke. We went music contacting on Monday night after getting back from Hunedoara (WHICH WAS SO COOL I WANT TO BE A PRINCESS AND LIVE IN A REAL LIFE CASTLE ONE DAY). We met a really awesome Hungarian family - unfortunately both of us felt that we shouldn't push them for their contact information/set up an appointment. But following the Spirit's promptings WILL bring blessings. We were able to clear up some misconceptions about our church/beliefs for them. Oh how lovely anti-Mormon documentaries are :) 

We spent a lot of our week contacting and searching for church members who are less active to invite to conference/to come back INTO THE FOOOOOOLD of the Lord. We had a ton of success with that! Which resulted in a few of them coming to conference and feeling of our love BUT most importantly the Lord's love. We also had two of our (eternal) investigators come to conference. They LOVED the messages and went away with a conviction to be better people. 

WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT TOPIC: CONFERENCE! So I watched it in Romanian! Which was a very cool/headache inducing experience :) haha jk it was mostly just awesome. Not really knowing what the speakers were saying lead me to really rely on the voice of the Spirit. So honestly. I learned SO MUCH. And so many of my prayers were answered. But I'm very excited to start rewatching it in English after my hour of emailing is up :) so many of the talks applied to me. As I'm sure all of you also think haha :) but let's be better! Better brothers, sisters, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandkids, grandparents, friends, and disciples of Christ. Really implement the advice and challenges given by God's called and chosen prophets, apostles, and leaders of His church. We will be blessed for our efforts! 

BE DILIGENT AND KEEP GOING! I love you all. Praying for you every morning, night, and every other minute of the day :) THANK YOU for your love and support. I have the best fan club :)

Cu drag,
Sora Idiart 

ps Sorry I didn't really take many pictures this week...my camera died at Hunedoara....and I forgot to charge it until right now haha :) so I'll try to be better about it this week! 

Kinda really creepy...but apparently she lived in this castle at one point? Jealous. 
This is for you Stebbs

Reminds me of like Harry Potter or something
(don't actually know because never read those books ??? whoops) 
Just hanging w/my HOMIESSSSSS
HAPPY AS EVER !!!!!!!!
We caught a HUGE nasty flying bug in our apartment the other night. I made this trap to make sure it didn't escape. Because it would have killed us. Idk why but Romanian bugs are bigger and scarier than in the states. Not a fan. 

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