December 19, 2016



HOW ARE YOU!!??!?!? I hope your week was awesome. My week rocked. 

Scripture to check out: Ether 12:18-19. Is your foundation FIRM in Christ? It needs to be before anything else! 

OKAY SO THIS WEEEEEEEEEEK! Many things happened. Twas a good week. Sora P and I just ran ourselves to the ground. And it was great. First off, DON'T YOU JUST LOVE THE CHRISTMAS VIDEO THE CHURCH MADE?! It's been a huge tool for us. People love light. And they typically love Christ. And they all love Christmas. And generally people like to help others. SO THE VIDEO IS MAGIC. HERE is the link in case you haven't seen it :) 

Here is a funny language story...these seem to keep happening. Lol. Okay so Sora P and I were on the tramvai on our way home for lunch...I hear this super cute family speaking French. So I go, "Hey, I'm 1/2 French. Let's see if they also speak Romanian".....So I ask the mom if they're from France. She replies yes. I tell her that my family is from France. THEN SHE WHIPS OUT SOME MAD FAST FRENCH. I don't know French. At all. So I tell her, "Nu, nu, nu. Nu vorbesc Franța" aka I told her I don't speak France....not French. Hahaha. Pretty sure she also could tell that I don't speak Romanian ;) learning! 

We have this cute friend named Mada. She's great. We were walking around with her, speaking in English (she likes practicing with native speakers mwuahaha). Sora P has a stroke of GENIUS and we showed her the Christmas video. She opened up to us about how one of her friends was recently diagnosed with cancer. Bore simple testimony about the Plan of Salvation, and kept walking. Later as we were waiting with her for her mom to pick her up, I was like, " Mada, I can't stop thinking about your friend who has cancer. That can be a super scary thing because there is so much uncertainty in the world about life after death. But we believe something super cool. Would you be interested in learning more?" She said...YES! Yeet.

Also we met this super cool girl named Laura. With green hair. She's dope.

AND I learned how to make Sarmale. So good. Making it every Christmas from now on. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! KEEP GOING! Praying for you. Merry Christmas :) stoked to talk to you on Christmas! 

Sora Idiart 

(Emma sent pictures without captions and one can only GUESS
what she is thinking about these photos?!?!? . . . Sorry!!)

(And a funny video about the icy conditions in Romania!)

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