April 10, 2017

I almost got hit by a car while pushing a man in a wheelchair....and then again while chasing after a man with DOPE tattoos and a big dog


Great title, amiright? 

So instead of a scripture, I'm going to make you watch my FAVORITE Easter video (again bc you've probably watched it 900 times) CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!! :)

This week. Man. It flew. 

Miracle story (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

So Sora L and I get off this bus. We're on our way to meet with a church member. We walk across the street. We see this punkish looking dude with tattoos all up and down his arms/neck hitting the bus window, trying to get in. As we approach the scene, we realized that he's trying to stop the bus because a man in a wheelchair, a distance away, is trying to get on. BUT the bus driver wasn't stopping. So the scary punk man was really doing some good in the world. We get on that bus - basically decided to ditch the member (sorry Sora Gorgos) - because Sora L has a super strong impression to go talk to punk guy. But he's like really scary looking. So I decided to talk to the wheelchair man. We get to know him. His name was Johnny. Scary man gets off the bus, but by this time we had decided to help Johnny (Johnny doesn't have legs and he was trying to get to the bus stop that was real far away. He was in a hurry). So we don't talk to scary tattoo man. But we help Johnny. Pushed him through the entire market. Running. It was hot outside. Felt alive. Hahaha :) we got him to his bus, helped him get on, then bought him a hot dog and some other food for the road. 

OKAY SO WE STILL WANTED TO FIND SCARY PUNK GUY. So we stopped in the middle of the road - the center road - and said a prayer. We asked Heavenly Father to help us find scary punk tattoo guy. GUYS. WE FOUND HIM. Close to 45 minutes after he got off the bus. So we went and talked to him - and at his point his brother was also with him. Oh also, fact: they had this MASSIVE super scary looking, yet way gentle dog. They both took Books of Mormon. 

Lesson: Prayer. It is powerful. It works for our benefit, if our will and desires are aligned with Heavenly Father's. 


Also, this morning on the bus, an old man read my palm. For free! He actually took my hand and didn't give me an option :) but I will live to be 90 years old. I will get a life threatening illness at 60. I will have two boyfriends and one husband (at the same time or in order....? Not super sure on that one). And also, zero children. Documenting this for future reference. Hahah :)

Well everyone. Quick testimony for you all. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that He is our Savior. I am so grateful for the continual strength I receive and am able to rely on. I know that He knows me and loves me. I know that He knows you and loves you. HE LIVES. RELY ON HIM. 

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!

Sora Idiart 

ps sorry I sucked at taking pictures this week. But here are a couple of gems for ya :) 

"I choose Moldova" even if the elevators are REALLY scary
and I have panic attacks each time I get in one....
sort of like what was happening when I took this picture :)

Did a companion study with the sisters in Brasov this week. 
Also her companion Sora Wright is just the cutest thing :) 

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