April 3, 2017

Best holiday other than Mother's day and Christmas, and Easter, and my birthday hahaha

Hey Fam Bam


This week was PLIN de treaba. (a HUGE amount of work!) Very very fun. Here is a cool scripture I read and pondered this morning:  Alma 28:8-14

So after talking with my favorite human *Sora Purtschert* last night, I was doing some scripture study. And this puppy stuck out. Ya know, missions are really hard things. You feel lots of sorrow, you sort of suffer a lot, and you have a heck ton of afflictions....but also you JUST HAVE AN INCOMPREHENSIBLE AMOUNT OF JOY. And then you realize, as usual, that your joy comes from Christ. And His Atonement. And being able to completely rely on it. And seeing people come closer to Him. Just amazing.

So here are some of those experiences of REALLY FLIPPING HAPPY THINGS:

WE HAD A LESSON WITH TANIA AND A MEMBER IN BELTI NAMED ROMA AND HE SPEAKS RUSSIAN SIGN LANGUAGE AND IT WORKED OUT SO WELL AND THE SPIRIT WAS LITERALLY SO STRONG. Tania is the flipping pioneer of the deaf community. AMAZING. I remember that at one specific point in the conversation, when they were talking back and forth with each other, and MAN THE SPIRIT IN THE ROOM. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Wonderful. Love it. 

We got a call from a random number, asking about "Biserica Mormona" (Mormon Church) and also asking about English. So anyway, we set up a meeting with this girl. Turns out she's a less-active member who has been living in Italy for the last 5 years ......uhm so MIRACLE. She came to dinner with us at the Edward's with all the other Young Single Adults. Now she's tight with them. Her name is Ana. She is the cutest thing. Seriously SUPER beautiful and also just really kind and open. She'll be here for about a month, before she moves to Holland, but we're gonna start meeting up with her/help her jump back on the bandwagon of activity #nevertoolate

Also General Conference. Conference Weekend. The best holiday in existence. I love it so much. AND WOW CAN I BOAST IN MY GOD FOR ONE SEC? The gift of tongues. It is real. Last conference, after living in Romania for a month, safe to say I could understand just about nothing. NOW after only a few short 6 months later, I really was able to understand everything. Except for the statistical report bc I still mess up with numbers like on the daily #cinzecisaucincisprezece (cinzeci means fifty, sau means or and cincisprezece means fifteen) hahaha but seriously. Biggest miracle. I still may not be able to speak a lick, but how grateful I am that I was able to understand the words of the Prophet and the Apostles. 

Okay that is all I have time for today. The church is true! We have a living prophet on the earth today! Love you all and pray for you all the time!

Sora Idiart

TANIA. She surprised me at the church on my bday with a cute, handmade gift :') love her.

hugging Tania bc she is my fave. 

about to dive into this cloud of sugar....HEAVEN. 
also look how warm it is. no cardigan or jacket. #SKIRRRRRT

we toured the parlament building today. fascinating. 
Moldovan's love to talk. So much. 
But still, super fun and actually pretty interesting. #thumbsup

elder gerber-kai about to drop some "alam" 
*typo in the Romanian version of the Book of Mormon....lol says Alam instead of Alma*

bought a real rabbit fut hat today. Also Sora Dusenberry. 
She and I. Here together in Chisinau. Best thing. 

development on my burn :) jk this is old. it is scabbing now. will scar. dope. 

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