August 14, 2016



1) ELDER NEIL L. ANDERSON CAME AND SPOKE AT TUESDAY'S DEVOTIONAL !!!!!!!!!!! AN APOSTLE OF JESUS CHRIST. HERE. SPEAKING. ME LISTENING. WOW. It was such a cool experience. Earlier that day Fratele Simmons had showed us one of the "Life of Jesus Christ" videos - the one where He and Peter walk on water - and asked us if we really truly believe that something like that could happen. He then testified that he knew it did, but that question left me really unsettled. I know that Christ performed miracles during His ministry...but did I really believe they happened? I guess from my doubting the answer was no. During personal study I read more about it, but still had feelings of uneasiness. SO FAST FORWARD A BIT: Elder Anderson walks into the room and everyone stands up/goes SILENT. You wanna see 3,000 teenage boys and girls go silent? Have an apostle walk in lol BUT ANYWAYS. Before he started speaking I prayed in my heart that I would have a question answered that I really needed. I wasn't super sure about what question I needed answered, but I had faith that something would! Mind you, when I was saying the prayer I had completely forgotten about the video we had watched earlier that day/my unbelief in the miracles Christ performed. 

Okay so fast forward to the end of his talk.... He starts testifying of Christ. That he is a sure witness of Him. He testifies that Christ will come again, and that He will stand in our midst. AND BAMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!! All of the sudden I have this OVERWHELMING feeling that YES! I do believe that Jesus Christ performed miracles. He DID walk on water. HE WAS RESURRECTED AND IS ALIVE TODAY. Just like that. Waterworks. Hahha. Later in devotional review we were going over what we really loved about Elder Anderson's talk, and I shared the answer to the prayer I received. AND BAM ROUND TWO! The Spirit testified to me AGAIN that what I was telling my district was the truth. So there you have it folks. God is mindful of the questions we have, that we don't even really know we have. 

I can't wait to show you my journal when I get home, so you can see all the other great insight he gave!! But here are some other cool things he shared: D&C 1:16 - Are we truly obeying all of the 10 commandments? What "gods" can/should you give up? Mark 12:30-31 - if you are having a hard time letting go of the natural man, START by reading these scriptures and acting upon them. I PROMISE that I'm working harder on this than anyone I know... but we can all improve! 

Most of his talk was centered on having faith during the hard days of your mission...never letting your faith flame be defeated. WHEREVER YOU LIVE YOU COULD AND SHOULD BE A MISSIONARY. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. The message that we have is the happiest message around. Why didn't I share it more with my friends in high school ?!??! I challenge all of you to share it with someone you care about this week. Don't you wan't them to be as happy as you will be, for eternity?


OKAY ANOTHER GREAT THING THAT HAPPENED WAS CHICK-FIL-A FOR DINNER ON MONDAY. The joy that brought me. Last time for a year and a half. Tender mercy. I wish I would have brought my camera. I think everyone in my district shed a tear. Especially Sora Gleason. She actually started crying when she walked into the cafeteria hahaha

OKAY SORRY THIS IS SO LONG! But thanks to everyone for sending me Dear Elders throughout the week! I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU! It brightens my day. We make the elders check the mail twice a day. Just in case we get Dear Elders in the afternoon, for all you slackers :) haha kidding. Plus if you send Dear Elders I will have your address and can write you letters on P-Day :) 

BUT YEAH! This week was incredible. We aren't using notes in lessons anymore. And I sound like  a 3 year old instead of a 2 year old (or so I like to tell myself to not get discouraged haha). Thanks for all the prayers. My companions and I can really feel them. 

THIS CHURCH IS TRUE. I love the Savior and His miraculous ministry. The priesthood power of God has been restored. And it is POWERFUL. *some of the elders gave me a blessing this week and wowie. The Spirit is strong in these youngins straight out of high school*. 


Sora Idiart 
AREN'T MY COMPS SO CUTE?!  I love them,

Our zone includes our 1 Romanian district + 4 Italian districts...they all leave this upcoming Monday/Tuesday :( so sad to see them go. FORZA ITALIA! 
My eye has some type of infection? It's been this way for like 3 weeks. Yesterday morning was especially bad hahah so I made Sora Dusenberry take a pic. HELLO BED HEAD. Don't worry mom, I'm going to the Doc tomorrow to get it taken care of
There are marker thieves here in God's chosen some parents have sent markers to us (which we hide in the tissue boxes lol). Now our board is the most beautiful on campus. 

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