August 23, 2016

This Week Included . . . . . bathrooms with Sora Lee during service FOR THE 4TH WEEK IN A ROW :) while Sora Dusie got to go clean windows.....very fun haha but actually cleaning bathrooms was fun this week. Two elders were following us around singing very loudly. It was entertaining. BUT some other super fun things that happened: I got to go out into the real world! I had a doctor's apt. for a nasty internal rupture BUT I AM ALIVE AND OKAY. I could definitely feel all the prayers coming my way. SUPER SWEET STORY: Elder Lemon and Elder Jacobson were fasting for me when I was out getting the ultrasound. FASTING WORKS MAH DUDES. In all reality. I was so grateful to my district the past few days while all the weirdness was happening. They were so kind and supportive. SO THANKS TO YOU AND THEM. SHOUT OUT TO MY SORORI AND VARSTINUL :) 

BEFORE I MOVE ON ANY FURTHER, IT IS VARSTINCUL TROTTIER'S BIRTHDAY TOMORROW. Will everyone who is reading this send him a Dear Elder tonight? It's our goal as a district to have everyone of our family members and friends send him that he will get like 1 million. So if you could do that for me, that would be GREAT. Same address as mine for Dear Elder, but his name is Elder Jacob Trottier. Thank you. Let's continue :) 

This week also included an entire floor evactuation in the residence hall....because of a bat. But don't worry. I made sure to grab the queso and chips the Heywoods sent. So we had a mini fiesta on the floor below. It was a paaaaaaartaaaaaay! 

SISTER OSCARSON CAME TO SPEAK ON TUESDAY. It was wonderful. She is so spunky and wonderful and kind and cute. Wow. Love that lady. One of the most important things I learned came after watching the video clip from Elder Christofferson's talk about the currant bush. I've watched it maybe 90 times in my short 4.5 weeks in the MTC. BUT I LEARNED SOMETHING NEW THIS TIME. Each time I watch it I've thought I need to be humble so that Heavenly Father can help me change to become better for myself. WRONG. He cuts me to down to humble me so that I can develop more Christlike attributes so that I can USE those attributes to help OTHERS. The whole purpose of the Lord cutting down the bush was so the bush would produce fruit....which would feed and bless others. You feel me? It was a great reminder that 1) this mission is not about me, it's about the people I will be serving and 2) the work and glory of the Lord is to bring to past the immortality and eternal life of ALL His children.... So what can we be doing more of to make sure that ALL of His children return to him. I'm challenging all of you reading this to put this into effect! Humble yourself to let the Lord show you areas where you can improve. Then use that improvement to help others. I'll be working on that this week :) 

UHM HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: SEEING HERMANA KILLBOURN AND SISTER CASE YESTERDAY. I love seeing friends here. Everyone go on a mission. We're part of the generation that the Lord has chosen to fill with the Spirit, if we put in the work :) a cool scripture that Fratele Simmons shared was in Acts 2:6-8 & 16-18. WE ARE IT GUYS. We are the sons and daughters who the Lord needs to prophesy. Every member a missionary, whether or not you serve a mission YOU can still be a missionary. 

I love all of you. ONLY A WEEK AND A HALF UNTIL ROMANIA. Can't believe how fast it's gone. Thank you SO MUCH for keeping me in your prayers. I can feel the love and support everyday. This church is truly Jesus Christ's restored church. 

Cu drag, 
Sora Idiart 

World's most "Forget things all the time in our room so we run up the stairs like 90 times a day" trio hahah

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