November 15, 2016


(This letter was sent on 10/31.  I'm so sorry I haven't been great about updating the blog! ~Sarah)

Hello wonderful family and friends who I love and miss! 

It's getting FLIPPING COLD HERE. Getting out of bed at 6:30 is a serious struggle. But I do it. And try not to fall asleep again as I'm kneeling by my bed....haha BUT TENDER MERCY!!!!!!!!! Daylight savings happened on Sunday. So I got an extra hour of sleep :') except the elders texted us at 5:30 asking us what time it was...........even after we told them the night before during our district prayer that daylight savings was happening the next morning......elders..... Hahaha J/K they're cool. I forgave them :)


Alma 28:14 - Okay. Guys. This week. Possibly the hardest week of the mission. I was praying WAY hard all week to get my "flame" re-lit. And then I read this scripture. ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS OR WHAT?!?!??! The joy of the light of Christ. That's why I'm spending a year and half away from the people I love the most in this world. In a strange country (which sells really good bread but still). Learning a new language - WHICH IS WHIPPING MY BUTT HOLY COW. And trying to talk to people, who clearly don't really want anything to do with me and my name tag. BECAUSE THE JOY THAT JESUS CHRIST HAS BROUGHT TO MY LIFE IS WORTH WORKING IN THE LORD'S VINEYARD FOR. The light of Christ. So yes. This mission is really hard. This life is hard! No one has an easy life. If they do, it's because they're probably not doing everything they should be aka probably sinning?! You know?! But just because it's hard doesn't mean you can't be happy. You can find joy through the Savior. AND there are always little miracles happening. 

ONE OF WHICH: Zone Conference was on Wednesday.....SO I GOT TO SEE SORA DUSENBERRY AND ELDER TROTTIER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately.....we arrived just on time. And we left early. Darn trains here in Romania. They're always 1-2 hours late hahahaha SOOOOOO I didn't get a picture with them :( BUT seeing their smiling faces and hearing how the work is going for them WAS AWESOME. Still love my MTC district with all my heart :) 

One thing I loved that President Ivory shared was D&C 88:34 and a quote that he told us."We ourselves become sanctified if we choose to respond to difficulty with obedience and if we consistently work hard to overcome our fears" aka our sins. WE NEED TO LET GO OF OUR SINS! Our sins are ease for us. They're comfortable. They're hard to let go! But we can through the Savior. Ether 12:27 :) put those weaknesses on that altar! 

ANOTHER MIRACLE: Meeting Rodica on the train from Cluj to Arad. Sora Stanley and I both really wanted to take President's counsel to really try to just befriend the people we meet. Not try to push an agenda on them. SO we tried. With Rodica. We got to know her. And were genuine. And interested in her and her life. She was with her mom. 96 YEARS OLD!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! And! At the end of the train ride, we offered to help her with her bags - she had a ton and had to help her mom - AND SHE GAVE US HER NUMBER AND TOLD US TO CALL HER AND COME VISIT HER. WE DIDN'T EVEN ASK! SHE WILLINGLY GAVE IT TO US. President was right. Hahahaha DOPE. We're meeting with her later this week :) 

Okay also. There was a wine festival here in Arad this past weekend. Not super good for contacting (drunk Romanians are really hard to understand hahaha). BUT. THEY. SOLD. HUNGARIAN. COZONAC. I sobbed. It is so good. I'm tempted to cross the border and go to Hungary to get the recipe. I can't really describe it... Other that it smells like Disneyland and tastes like the fruit from the tree of life. Hahahaha

OKAY FAM THAT'S ALL I HAVE TIME FOR! Emailing time is always way to short. Blah. Love you all. Be safe in your travels (Josh, dad, grandma, grandpa, John, Amy, Briana, Mom, Erin, Ezra, and anyone else I forgot hehe)

I LOVE YOU ALL AND PRAY FOR YOU AND WOW! I can feel the support, prayers, and love all the way across the Atlantic and then some. HAVE A GREAT WEEK :)

Sora Idiart 

CUTE CUTE CUTE SORA LIDIA made me and Sora Stanley aprons. 
And since I'm the chef (yes, shocking. I know) in this companionship. 
I wear mine all the time. Mwuahahah

Thanks to Sora Stanley's mom. Sour Gummi Bears. 
Sora Stanley and I have a slight obsession with Haribo Gummi Bears. 
They're so flipping good. Anyways. 
Sora Stanley set this up for me while I was in the shower. 
Comp unity. On FLEEEEEK (back if your Mama Healy haha)

Hahaha no separation of church and state. Gotta love it ;)

With our friends, Sonya and Sorina Berlans of Santana (20 miles from Arad)

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