November 15, 2016

5 and 1/2 days = 132 hours.......... :-) remember this

Hey Fam!


SCRIPTURE TIME YO. Alma 47:18. Honestly I think this is the most important verse of ever. It tells us EXACTLY HOW SATAN WORKS! HE POISONS US BY DEGREES!!!! Little by little. Keep working hard to obey the commandments so that he doesn't trap you! SO IMPORTANT! I love you all. I'm praying for you all. You can do it. We all can! Rely on the Savior! 

Okay so my title.......funny story. That's how long it's been since I showered. AHHAHA ISN'T THAT GROSS!?!? BUT THANKFULLY our proprietor (land lord) finally came over today and fixed it. So tomorrow morning I will be showering. Blessed <333333 I'm very good now at washing my hair in the sink. Hahaha

BUT THIS WEEK WAS A MIRACLE WEEK!! I'M NOT KIDDING! We did a sister-mission wide fast last week to see miracles. Sora Stanley and I worked way hard to be exactly obedient (including actually doing a workout in the morning.....didn't enjoy it but hey. I will learn to obey with a happy heart in that area on day hahaha). So onto the miracles:

WE HAVE AN INVESTIGATOR. Remember our friend Rodica that we met on our train ride back from Zone Conference a few weeks ago? Well we met with her this past week and asked her if she would be interested in learning more about what we believe. AND SHE SAID YES! YEEEEEEEEEEET! Miracle. And serious. As always. Thank you for including me and Sora Stanley in your prayers! WE FEEL THEM! We're meeting again later this week with Rodica. SHE IS THE COOLEST. Also she uses the most beautiful Romanian ever. It's hard for me to understand her sometimes because she doesn't speak like everyone else. I LOVE IT. Ugh. Love her.

A month ago I was put in charge of planning a talent night for our branch. This past Saturday we had "Noapte Talentelor" AND IT WAS A HIT. We had way more people in attendance than we anticipated! One of our investigators (Mariana - wife of recent convert Ghiti) came and brought her entire family. It was super fun. I was stressed out of my mind, BUT IT WENT GREAT. And the branch really enjoyed it. Success! Unfortunately I didn't take any Sorry. Hahaha my bad. 

OKAY ANOTHER MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!! SORA STANCIU CAME TO CHURCH! She's still been really down lately - depression is the worst :( - and we weren't expecting her to come to church. BUT SHE DID! And she loved it! Praying with my entire heart that it will become a regular thing for her again. She is so sweet. I have so much love for her. UGH really I just have so much love for the entire branch. THESE PEOPLE. THEY HAVE MY HEART. 

Oh here is a NON miracle. In fact. It is the worst thing to ever happen. Today. It started snowing. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Winter has come. And I am not prepared. Zăpadă (snow) is a new swear word. Never say it around me. Hahaha. But really. It's getting flipping cold here. But actually the cold is good. Because then the bugs start to die. The bugs here are big. And scary. Remember that one that I caught and trapped?!?! They're all like that. Except sometimes bigger. Hahaha

OKAY ANYWAYS! YOU GUYS! I love you! And I pray for you every dang day! I know that living the gospel of Jesus Christ will make you happy. It will bring you true happiness now, and an eternal joy in the life to come. It is hard to do! BUT DANG IT IS SO WORTH IT! So worth it. 

Love you guys. So much. 

Sora Idiart 

My baking has not all.
These were supposed to be Blondie Bars?!?! SOS pls help me

..........yeah. Very happy Sora Idiart hahaha

NOT HAPPY. But accepting it. At least it's not Finland or somewhere even colder..Hahahahaha

We waited outside in freezing cold weather for a tramvai that never came....
we ended up walking home for another half hour. 
My toes were frozen and slightly blue??? hahah just kidding,
I'm exaggerating. But it was DANG COLD. 

"I'm a Baba!" Sora Stanley upon trying her new scarf out.

Found this on a tramvai. hahahah love you beans. miss u! 

"Wait I'm a real Romanian now!" Sora Stanley upon trying on her other scarf 
and then having the brilliant idea to put her beanie on top. 
Hahah love her. (She wasn't happy I was taking a picture haha) 

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