November 28, 2016

How do you say "FUR" in Romanian?



Scripture of the weeeeeeek = Romans 13:11-12. Sora Purtschert actually shared this with me this morning in comp study. FREAK YOU GUYS. I LOVE SORA P!!!!!! But also just really this scripture. Go open your Bible and read it. Or click on the link and read it RIGHT NOW!!

Being in Bucharest for the day was SO FUN! I ran into Sora Anderson and Elder Lemon from my MTC district! UH ALSO. BEST GELATO PLACE EVER. EMILIAS. YUM. And book heaven=the Carturesti by Piata Unirii. We will be going to both of these places when we come back family. 

OKAY AND THEN AFTER ANOTHER SLEEPER TRAIN I FINALLY GOT TO PICK UP SORA PURTSCHERT !!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HER !!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS THE BEST !!!!!!!!! This transfer is going to be so awesome. She's quickly becoming one of my very best friends. We have a good time together. 

For example. Let me explain my title today. Okay. So Sora P. is in her fourth transfer and I'm in my third. That means she's been in the country for 6 weeks more than I have. Which means that our Romanian? Yeah. It's still pretty new and rough. BUT we're getting by. Okay. So our first day in Arad (Wednesday) was full of contacting. We were just trying to talk to everyone. One girl at a tramvai stop was not having it. She did not want to talk to us. But we wanted to talk to her. So we kept talking to her hahahahhaha so. We're standing in front of Primaria where a bunch of little goods shops are set up for Christmas, and a bunch of the stuff has fur. But I don't know how to say the word fur, because why in the world would I need to know the word for fur?!?! SO. I'm talking to this girl. Basically having a one sided conversation. Then. I say, "Si deobice acest lucru are lucru cu mai mult 'fur'? Except I said fur with a Romanian accent . . . as in ENGLISH word fur in a Romanian way . . . She looked at me like I was a complete idiot. Turned around and didn't acknowledge us anymore. HAHHAHAHA ISNT THAT SO FUNNY HAHAHAHHAHAHA wow. So. Here we are. Sora P. and I. Tackling this town. With 7 months of Romanian between the two of us. Prayers would be appreciated. I still don't know how to say the word fur in Romanian hahaha

OKAY BUT actually. Our little knowledge is helping us. We are being bold. And learning a lot. Tender mercies and miracles LEFT AND RIGHT! 

I LOVE YOU ALL! Grateful for all of the love and support. I hope you know that I pray for you everyday! 

Sora Idiart 

PS . . . sorry no pictures this week . . . Computer isn't working. Plus I only had 3 anyway, FORGIVE ME! 

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