November 22, 2016

I thought I wasn't being 'trained' anymore" a pun brought to you by Sora Stanley


Can you believe I've been gone for 4 months? I cannot. Wowza! Time flies when you're having fun out here in vampire land! (Which to my disappointment isn't actually really a thing here...not even for fun. Oh well)

SOOOO I'm no longer a boboaca (Little Duckling or Newbie)....I am a real missionary. Training wheels off. BUUUUT I'm still staying in Arad <3333 oh happy day. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE MY PEEPS! However....Sora Stanley has moved on to bigger and better things. Like being the new STL (Sister Training Leader) in Bucharest. Because of that, we rode another 15 hour sleeper train down to Bucharest last night (hence the subject line and pun)...So right now I'm in Buch. For the day. Then training (taking the train) back with another sister to Oradea, where I will drop her off and pick up my new companion....SORA PURSCHERT. YEET. It's going to be a crazy next few weeks. She's still relatively "young" in the mission aka she's been out a month longer than I have. We're both super stoked to really have to learn the language because we can't rely on someone with loads of experience. YEET. Pray for us. Hahah.

Scripture of the week! Helaman 6:34 - Ugh. Just really love the chapters before the birth and then Resurrection and coming of Christ to the Americas. Powerful stuff. BUT when I read this verse this week I fell in love. We have to GROW in knowledge and righteousness everyday! We can't get lazy. We have to always be trying to get better. That's the only way that we will improve and become more like out Father in Heaven. Man. The scriptures rock. 

Lots of miracles happened this week! But because this Thursday is Thanksgiving (#USA #FREEDOM #TURKEY #MASHEDPOTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!#YUM) I just want to say what I'm most grateful for this Thanksgiving:

My Savior, Redeemer, Counselor, older brother, and best friend: Jesus Christ. That guy. He's always there for me. When I'm having hard days and when I'm having easy days. You guys. HE LOVES YOU. He has sacrificed so much for you - even His life. The gratitude I feel for him, and for His message which He has allowed me to share with these special people here. Truly humbling. You guys won't even recognize me when I get home ;) hahaha J/K still the same old me. BUT REALLY OKAY. I know that Jesus Christ is your Savior. Because I know that He is mine. And He is ALWAYS there for you. Like I said, good days and bad days. He truly is our advocate. He knows and love you. Ugh. I wish you could feel how much He loves you....because I can feel it! 

And I'm really grateful for all of you who are supporting, loving, and encouraging me from thousands of miles away. Couldn't do it without you! Honestly. I love you all so much. Praying for everyone. Have a great Thanksgiving! Tell me 5 things you're grateful for next time you email me :) 

and.......EAT THE TURKEY LEG FOR ME. Keep the tradition alive hahahaha (silently crying B/C no turkey leg for me this year. But we gucci) (We Gucci means We're Good, in "Emma Lingo")

UGH I LOVE YOU ALL! Praying for you! 

Sora Idiart Xoxoxo

Just two sisters walking along Eftimie Murgu <3 love this mom of mine 

Don't leave me mom :'( 

What a wonderful life. 

False advertising....You think you're getting a foot long chocolate Santa, 
when in reality....HE IS A ORTHODOX PRIEST.....Sneaky. Still tasted good. 

These  photos were taken by the Senior Missionary Couple last week.  Emma (Red Sweater) was put in charge of the Branch (congregation) Talent Show.  If you read their blog post at you can read more info about it, but it seems to have been well attended and really fun.  They had a Taco Bar and one Elder taught everyone some line dancing.  I have to say, Emma takes after her Idiart/Nadauld Aunties in the Party Planning Department.  

The following Sunday was District Conference (like Stake Conference) and there were about 65 people in attendance at church.  The blondes in the front are the Mission President's wife and son.  You can see half of Emma  (green sweater) and her cute companion, Sora Stanley to the right of the blondes.  I just love to look at these sweet Romanian people, knowing who is friends with my girl warms my heart.

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