February 13, 2017

Another One Bites the Dust

Helllllllooooooooo family! 

What time is it?! Scripture time. Okay so Micah 7:8. So good. So true. And also 1 Nephi 17:13. Christ will always lift us out of darkness, lead us, and be our light if we are diligently trying to keep the commandments. So keep them! Yeet. But really. These two scriptures gave me real insight and power this week. Christ definitely lifted, lead, and illuminated my week :) 

So. News. Sora Schow left me last night :') transfers were this week. She is going back to Bucharest! Crazzzzzy. She will be my Sister Training Leader, so I still get to talk to her :) but something I am learning about myself. I HATE CHANGE. Hahaha ironic, since I'm asking people to change their lives, everyday. But still. Change is hard. But soooooo good. My new comp will be Sora Langenstein. She is dope. Very stoked. Also very scared to be leading Chisinau. Because it's a huge city. This will be an adventure, my friends.


Tania, our deaf investigator, wants to be baptized! Still not super sure how this will all work out. But! We are going to figure it out. Keep her and us in your prayers :) 

Also! Mihaela wants to be baptized! Yay! Miracles! The power of the Spirit and repentance is TRULY working in our sweet friends. I love these people.

ALSOOOO! Galina came to church! And loved it! She told us that she has never felt the Spirit of God so strong in any church before. Booooooyyaaaaaaa. Surf's up my friends. 

And honestly. When we show the Lord we are willing to put forth all of our effort, especially on the last week of the transfer, He magnifies and doubles our efforts. We found 4 new people to teach this week. FOUR! How grateful I am to be a missionary in this part of the world. There are people willing to make positive changes and searching for truth.  

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Keep trying. Keep improving. Keep repenting. Let the Lord guide you. Rely on His atonement to help you make changes in your life. UGH YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU ALL. Praying for you every single day. Every minute even.

Sora Idiart 

So cute when she's upset with me :') <3
Going into a cathedral to escape the cold. 
Sora Schow wrapped her head really nicely, and I just kinda threw my scarf over my hair.....opa. 
 "Eagles don't flock" with one of my fave members, Carina. Amen. #Merica
Grillz of Chis. Owning things. 
Breaking things (mostly in our apartment). 
Living the life. Spreading the word of God. 

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