February 27, 2017


Hello family.

I cut my hair. Hahahahahahaha.

SCRIPTURE TIME. Fam. This week I read a set of verses that are changing the way I will live my life. The way I will finish the rest of my mission. John 6:66-69. TO WHOM SHALL WE GO IF NOT TO CHRIST?!?!? Who can I turn to and receive as much love and guidance and comfort and stability and help, if I'm not turning to Christ? The answer is simple: NIMENI. (No One) I am so grateful for my Savior and for the love and guidance and support I CONSTANTLY receive. I also know that He truly loves you. Individually. He loves and knows you. 

Anyways, this week flew by! So much so that I really just can't even remember what happened. Hahaha but I will try to do my best to explain :) 

There are some DANG GOOD PEOPLE HERE. Moldova. Love it. One of our members, Iulia, is THE SWEETEST LADY. She's in her late 20's. Loves cats. So much. Remember how I was junior year of high school? Yes, that much. We had a lesson with her on Tuesday. She hadn't been at church the previous week (19th), and so we were a little worried about her. At our lesson she explained that she was having some MAJOR plumbing issues in her apartment. It cost her lost of time, money, and stress. Sora Langenstein shared an awesome spiritual thought - totally off script from what we wanted to share - and Iulia left feeling loved and with an assurance that everything would be okay. The Spirit man. He's a cool guy.

ALSO IT WAS MIHAELA'S BIRTHDAY. So we went out to get dessert. Ice cream and chocolate cake - which I will not be eating for the next month, thanks to my wonderful comp who likes to test my pride and bet me ridiculous things . . . like no sweets. AKA no chocolate. ANYWAY, we were at our fave, Andy's Pizza. Sora L and I both had a prompting that we should teach cute little 16 year old Mihaela the Law of Chastity.....over cake and ice cream. Brought back memories. @mom hahaha BUT IT WENT GREAT. I have never seen anyone take the Law of Chastity as great as she did. She is golden. She also told us that once she receives the answer from God that she needs to be baptized, she will be baptized. She doesn't want to get baptized just because we want that for her. SHE IS SO GREAT I LOVE HER SO MUCH. 

Lots of great contacting with the other sisters - Sora Stader and Sora Sterrett. Love them :) 

Also. We went to an outskirt village to visit an investigator. So much fun. Very humble. I love these people. 

I love you all! Thank you for the love and support and love and love and love :) I feel it out here in baby Russia. Greatest place. Nowhere I'd rather be. 


Sora Idiart 

When you go to a Russian Salon and they cut all you're hair off . . . JK.

The guy who cut my hair spoke Romanian. And a bit of English. 
AND GOODBYE TO DRY DEAD HAIR. It will probably grow back in time . . . 
because I am going to stay on my mission for an extra 5 years hahaha

Dessert with cutie cute Mihaela :) 
Also my wardrobe has doubled since becoming Sora L's comp. Hallelujah! 

It was SO WARM this week. Sora L bronzed her whitey-white legs.......with bronzer. Hahah

A lady was selling a Russian BOM (Book of Mormon) for 35 lei . . . 
now we know where all of our stolen BOMs have gone. 

Found a literal troll doll HAT on the bus. 

This guy is from Germany *shout-out to Sister Case*. 
He came to BOTH sacrament meetings on Sunday. Really cool guy. Named Matais. 

Every Sunday we have "Family Dinner" with the other Sisters in Chisinau.
We made homemade noodles. They were pretty flipping good. 

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