February 6, 2017

Salami or Ice Cream ????? Idk. Tastes good though


So here in Moldova they sell ice cream. It is good. But it comes in what looks like salami packaging. But don't worry. It was ice cream. We ate it all. See attached picture. Peach flavored. Also, really cheap. I like Moldova. Hahaha :) 

ANYWAYS . . . HERE IS A SCRIPTURE FOR YOU. Moroni 9:25. Sometimes, no matter who you are or where you are, you need a little lifting. Let Christ lift you up. Let Him. This scripture just made me really happy this week. It also made me think of how when we used to play on the trampoline and one of the little cousins would fall down and start crying, we would sing "When you fall down, you just have to get back up" and dramatically throw ourselves (Josh and I) on to the tramp to make them stop crying. Principle still applies. But sometimes it can feel like we can't get up on our own. So rely on the Savior to help you. He's willing and waiting! 

This week was suuuuper interesting. Sora Schow and I went to Lasi (eastern Romania) for an exchange with the Sister Training Leader, Sora Nicol and Sora Langenstein. Little hiccup trying to cross the border . . . so. Our MaxiTaxi driver had a dog with him. You're not supposed to do that. So our group of 6 people had to find another car to cross the border. The four people we were with got in this SUPER sketch van (grateful it wasn't us). Yeah. The border people told us to get into a random man's car. Didn't feel super safe doing that. Called the Lasi sisters. Told them there was a hiccup. Phone stopped working. The other sisters called President Ivory. ANYWAYS we eventually made it into Romania. Safe and sound :) gave the guy who drove us 15 lei and a Book of Mormon #PoorMissionaries. 

In Lasi....I ate Mexican food. That almost tasted like Mexican food. Amazing. Cried a little bit.

Also! There was a protest! A very large one, the night we were there! Probably didn't exactly obey the white hand book when it says to stay away and not take pictures. So I will attach some pictures. Hahahaha oops. I repented, don't worry. 

I think I may have mentioned our recent investigator Galina before. This week we had a great lesson with her. We gave her a Book of Mormon last week. She's already in 2 Nephi 21. DOPE. 

I love the Book of Mormon. It is changing my heart. It will change your heart. Promise. 

Well fam, that's all I have time for. I love you! Pray for you everyday :) 

Sora Idiart 

(Salami) Peach ice cream. Yum.

Ba ce faci (kind of translates to like duuuuude. what are you doing). Yes. Cutting ice cream. 

 Introduced Sora Schow to my true love when we were in Lasi:
SALADBOX. I'm opening one in Provo in a year. 

Sora Nicol and Langenstein <3333333 

Standing on a frozen lake. Very cold. 

This morning the power went out at the restaurant we got breakfast at 
(thank heavens for the schedule changes<3) . . . 
so they brought over a candle. Romantic breakfast w/the SISTAS of Chisinau :) 
(starting with me and then going clock wise: me, Sora Schow, Sora Sterrett, and Sora Jerez)

Protest Picture 
(Note from Sarah: If you want to read about the people protesting corruption in the Romanian government, click HERE.  It is not good.  For the last week, hundreds if thousands have been protesting.  They were set off by some underhanded moves the government did at 3am to change laws decriminalizing abuse in gov't, as long as it's less than $50,000 and the leaders are allowing all their friends recently jailed for corruption to go free.  What Emma witnessed was relatively small, but in Bucharest it's huge.)

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