February 20, 2017


Hello my humans. HOW IS EVERYONE?

This week was great. Change is great. Change is hard. It is hard leading a big city like Chisinau! But it is very, very, very fun. Sora Langenstein and I are having a great time. I read some SUPER MEGA TARE (this translates literally as "hard," but maybe it's Romanian slang for solid or something?!) SCRIPTURES this week that just gave me a lot of perspective on life.
Find sanctuary in Him. He is perfect and ready to heal, safe, redeem, rescue, etc. MAN, I'M SO GRATEFUL FOR MY SAVIOR AND ALSO FOR MY HEAVENLY FATHER.

So more about this week! 

Mihaela is doing great. We're reading the Book of Mormon with her every night. Honestly one of my favorite parts of the day. She is just SO WISE and understands and interprets the scriptures SO WELL. Serious pleasure. We also had a super cool experience with her watching the 20 min Restoration video, in Russian. I understand a few words now. Haha AMAZING. But while watching it, FAM, I just had SUCH A STRONG FEELING of the love that Heavenly Father has for her. And that if He knew Joseph Smith by name, He knows her by name. And me. And you. And everyone. Great.

One of our new investigator friends is named Maria. She is the best friend of a boy, Ioan, who got baptized on Saturday! What a blessing that I have see 3 baptisms since coming to Chisinau. The Lord's hand is in the work. Maria is super cute and fun and open and wanting truth in her life. Like I said, THE LORD IS IN THE WORK. I am SO SO SO SO SO grateful to be able to play even the smallest part. And by smallest, I literally mean minuscule. 

Alright, also this week rocked because the sun came out and it was +5 Celsius for like two days this week. I LOVE THE SUN. I NEED TO LIVE SOMEWHERE WHERE THERE IS ALWAYS SUN. 

Okay and so we also went to the piata today. Found out I can't haggle to save my life. I will work on it. Gotta get myself a nice fur coat for cheap. Hahaha :) 

I love you all. Thank you for your love, support, and prayers. Keep the commandments. John 13:17.

Sora Idiart 

I did haggle this down a little.... Saved myself $20. Which is a heck of a lot in Moldovan lei. 

 Hmmmm...... This is how all my tights are. #workinHard

hahaha, I found this while at the tourist piata today.  It made me laugh very hard. 
Notice Stalin or Lenin. or whichever one of the Russian leaders on the right

Who found this Lindt Hazlenut Coco Bar. . . The size of my arm. 
Heaven. Don't worry. I mostly shared it with others. 
But also probably ate half of it on my own. . . opa. 


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