March 20, 2017

Tattoo talk over Sloppy Joe's


I am a bad missionary. This week was tiring. BECAUSE IT WAS SO GOOD. But I forgot to write down a scripture to send you. Sorry that I failed. Next week I will send two :) 

Also this is going to be a short email. Without pictures. Because I still failed to take pictures. Because I forgot to buy batteries every single day. Hahahahahahahaha sorry. My bad. 


Tania is getting baptized May 27th :) Had a SUPER POWERFUL LESSON with her about the Restoration. She connected all the dots aka she understands. And she came to church. And she loved it. Even if she couldn't hear at all. BUT YA KNOW. WE CAN ALWAYS FEEL THE SPIRIT. AND SHE WAS FEELING IT.
So right now, two of our investigators are on track to being baptized. Tania and Maria. The Lord is working miracles through us!!! 

Okay so here is a REALLY SUPER FUNNY STORY: so we're at the Edward's house (one of the senior couples here) for dinner with Mihaela (our 16 yr old investigator), her brother (19 or 20) Dorin, the Zone Leaders, and a recent convert Ioan. We're eating. Somehow Nirvana (the band from the 90s) gets brought up. Ioan is a huge fan. Elder Edwards is not. Ioan has a tattoo. Of Kurt Cobain's face. On his shoulder. To make a long story short, Ioan didn't want a tattoo of Kurt's face. All he wanted was the smiley face from one of the albums. I will retell this story when I get home. Can't do it justice in the short amount of time that I have now. But just wait. It will make you laugh so hard. :) 

We also met up with this suuuuuper awesome 15 year old girl named Nicole. She was a referral from some of the Russian elders. She is really curious to find truth, positivity, and purpose in her life. LOVE THOSE KINDS OF PEOPLE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

Yesterday I made Mac + Cheese for lunch. It was the best decision. Ever. Nothing makes you miss America more than processed powered cheese.

So lots of stuff happened this week.....but that's all I have time for. But don't worry, I was really good at writing in my journal. 

OKAY I LOVE YOU ALL! I LOVE CHISINAU. I pray for you everyday. Thanks for all the love and support the last 8 (already. wow) months. 

Sora Idiart 

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