March 6, 2017

Sometimes we get really lost when we visit villages


Here are some scriptures for you to read. They are very good. I read them many times this week:
Helaman 10:4-6 - Guys. He is God. You are you. He knows your name. Let that sink in.
Jeremiah 16:16-19 - another refuge one. SO GOOD
John 14:18 - Niciodata (NEVER) will He leave you. POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST BABY
John 12:46 - Get out of darkness. Believe in Him. 
John 10:3, 11, 14 - Dude. He knows us. Do we know His voice? 

Here are some highlights from the week:
1. We rearranged all of our furniture with the help of the other sisters in preparation for our guest (most on that later). So......... That was a huge PAIN. But also, it looks great. And I get a heck of a lot of vitamin C in the morning. BECAUSE THE SUN IS SHINING ALL THE TIME HERE !!!!!!!! GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST, PEACE ON EARTH GOODWILL TOWARDS MEN. 
2. I love the sun. It is so warm. I think the tights will finally come off, after a long 5 months of keeping my little legs warm. HALLELUJIAH. 
3. We got very lost when traveling la tara (IN THE COUNTRYSIDE). BUT eventually found the house of the investigator that we were looking for. We left a cute note. Will attach pics. Turns out she moved to Moscow for 2 months - these people just leave without telling all the time. BUT her daughter went to go pick up a box of stuff, because now she has to live in Chisinau while her mom is gone - also happens a lot - and she saw our note and texted us :) tender mercies. 
4. WE HAD A NORMAL HUMAN LIVING WITH US FOR 3 DAYS. We got a call from President Ivory on Tuesday telling us that a family friend of theirs is living with them in Bucharest for a few months. But he wanted her to come to Moldova to live with us over the weekend, instead of having her go to Ukraine with Sora Ivory and Ellis (their son) for Ellis's basketball tournament. Her name is Claire Tempest - funny thing. I met her sister once time at BYU. Small world. ANYWAYS: She came and lived with us and did missionary work and IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. 
5. I learned that I need a lot more meekness in my life, if I'm ever going to be a successful missionary, mom, wife, daughter, sister, well basically just human in general. Good stuff :) 
6. Also for Family Night - aka the weekly YSA (Young Single Adult) activity - we went bowling. I hate bowling. But. I won. So I guess that now I hate it less. Because I'm super good (I got 91 hahahaha)

So that is my life. Mostly all of our investigators/friends could not meet up with us this week. Very sad and a little frustrating, BUT ALL IS WELL. The work still goes on :) 

I love you all and pray for you everyday! 
Church is true! Tell your friends :)

Sora Idiart

fun trio :) (Me, Claire Tempest and my companion, Sora Langenstein)

Here is me. I am in a village. I am lost. I am not cold. BECAUSE OF THE SUN :)

One of my fave members - Mariana. LOVE HER TO PIECES. 

Best Trio + Stefan cel Mare. What a man. Legend.  Also yes. I did wear all blue . . . 
I realized the errors of my ways after leaving the apartment. Got a lot of looks that day. 

lil old me

Notes #middleschooldayzzzzzzz

Me and Claire <33333


Here is my zone, during zone conf. I'm next to President Ivory, Blue tie, front row. good man. 

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