June 19, 2017


HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the fathers + future fathers. Love you. I have the best example of what righteous, worthy priesthood holders should look like. You guys rock. Love you loads.

Hello to the rest of you. I love you, as well :)  Here is a little shopping tutorial I filmed for you:

SCRIPTURE POWER: I read this story this week. I don't actually remember ever reading it. But IT IS NOW MY FAVORITE. The Acts 8:29+30. Really the whole part about Philip is just great. I would probably name my son Philip if I didn't think it was such an ugly name....anyways back to the point: SO PROMPTINGS. We have to respond like my boy Philip. He RAN. Do we run? Let's run this week, shall we? I'm going to. And it's gonna be great.  

So this week was a stretching week. Like big time. It was rough, but SO MANY MIRACLES. Heavenly Father always seems to do this to me hahaha. He's got a sense of humor. The week was just the pits, for the first little bit.  Really, He just wants to make sure that I'm really gonna pull through in the end. Luckily, this week Sora Nemelka and I worked through it all AND MIRACLES BABY. Really mostly thanks to me running after promptings. I'm out here becoming Philipa. Hahahahaha anyways.

Iulia + the twins: It is hard to make only Russian speaking 6 year old twins focused....when you don't know Russian. BUT THANKFULLY we were able to do it. And their lovely mother Iulia sat down and took the Russian Book of Mormon that we brought for her and started reading. We're talking like the Introduction until 1 Nephi 2. That's about how long we could keep the boys distracted. But then Sora Nemelka was able to do a bomb job testifying and teaching her about The Book of Mormon/why we have it, while I played Chess with the twins (and lost....but thanks for Gpa Al for teaching me how to play hahaha)

Valeria - guys. THIS GIRL IS THE CUTEST GIRL I HAVE EVER MET. She is this suppppper smart 17 year old. Who just needs to know that her Heavenly Father loves her. We had such a great lesson with her on Saturday - honestly she's the miracle that Heavenly Father was making us wait for. We fasted as a district on Saturday for one of our friends, Eric, who is having a hard time getting permission from his mom to be baptized. We met with Valeria near the end of the day. Saturday had been pretty discouraging. But then BAM. VALERIA. IT WAS AWESOME. The Spirit was definitely present. Definitely the greatest thing ever. 

Ala - YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALA IS PROGRESSING SO WELL. We had a lesson with her yesterday with the Godfrey's. Taught her about the Law of Chastity. Her boyfriend is living with her. Well he's not really her boyfriend. Just kind of this drunk. Anyways. Long story. But she agreed that she needed to kick him out. So she did. She is going to be baptized in 2.5 weeks. Keep her in your prayers! But also. Yesterday. The Spirit was so strong. MAN I LOVE THE HOLY GHOST!

Also flip. Brett Bryce from JERICHO ROAD CAME TO CHISINAU. He served his mission back in good old San Bruno. So he talked to me about the fam (he says hello).  Showed him a picture of all of us. Good memories. I love you all :) But he did a concert for all the members in Moldova. It was awesome. He sang Coldplay. And Sara Barielles. My heart. Shattered. Best 2 hours of my life. I miss music. Hahahaha BUT SWEET IS THE WORK. 

Also transfers came out and, I'm still in Chisinau with Sora Nemelka. Happy sister missionary am I :) 

I love you all! I pray for you all. Thank you for the love and support :) 

Sora Idiart 

I caught our oven mit on fire while making rice.....it really was flaming.
I didn't scream, just burned my hand a little bit. #yolo #bringingbackyolo

Brett Bryce. Such a cool dude. Mostly I just loved that he knew all of the Idiarts
and sang some "Yellow" hahahahaha 

THIS IS ROMA!!!!! He is the one who helped us in our lessons with Tania.
Life saver. I literally love the people of Moldova. 

Literally. The burgers are better than burgers in America. I cried. 
We also went there again today for lunch. Addiction problems. 

Just got done eating ice cream. Companion unity <33333

Babe comp.

Making placinte (PIES) with cute Daniela

Showing Maria the fam <3333  

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