June 12, 2017

I have started substituting ice cream for meals. . .but it's okay because it's only 2 lei

Hello fam and friends :) 

This week was wonderful. I hope you all read that talk that I sent you. Instead of a scripture (again, sorry), I want to share something that President Ivory sent us in his weekly email to all the missionaries. "FAITH MUST BE CENTERED IN JESUS CHRIST AND HIS ULTIMATE VICTORY. We can not fail. Our focus on faith in Jesus Christ brings us understanding and perspective we need to overcome challenges in our own lives and in working with our friends. Ultimately our faith in Jesus Christ leads to salvation." The part that really sticks out to me is "We cannot fail". That is the truth. We cannot fail if we have faith in the Savior. He has already won. We must stay valiant. We chose this life. We chose this plan. If you don't know what plan I'm talking about, stop my nametag wearing friends wherever you are in the world. They would love to tell you about it :) 

This week was good. Hard, but good :) aren't they all a little bit like that?

Two quick miracles: 

Ala. She is getting baptized in July! July 7th to be exact. We had such a great lesson with her on Tuesday. The new senior couple, the Godfrey's, came to our lesson. The Spirit was strong. There were probably 3 or 4 times when she really profoundly felt the Spirit. It was awesome. She is awesome. She came to church on Sunday and met President Ivory (who was in Chisinau for Branch Conference this weekend). She's got a lot of potential. We have our work cut out for us! :) 

Victoria, this really REALLY awesome girl who is dating one of the elder's investigator's, came to church this Sunday! She usually works/is too busy to come. Granted, she came about 30 minutes late due to public transportation. We've been struggling for awhile as to how to help her. She just really had no belief in God. BUT THEN ON SUNDAY AFTER CHURCH WE HAD A LESSON WITH HER AND SHE TOLD US "YOU KNOW WHAT. I BELIEVE IN GOD." Her grandma passed away this past week. She was really really close with her. She told us that she had been praying for peace all week to be okay with whatever would happen to her grandma. Then BAM. You know how Heavenly Father works. He fills you with peace and love and support when you need it most. She attributed that peace as an answer to her prayers. She knows that God lives. She will be baptized. Her and Igor will lead the church here in Moldova. They are the coolest couple. 

Well that's all. I love you all. I love these people. I really just never want to leave Moldova :-) so like I will probably move back here. Okay love you all.

Sora Idiart 

Poor Sora Nemelka. Working her to death hahahahha 

We eat like kings out here in Chis (brought the other sisters lunch today) 

Making me miss Nina :') 

Also another reason why I'm a mean trainer....I make her stand on the Maxi Taxi rides. 
Hahaha hopefully her mom doesn't see this.......opa

Thank heavens for people playing music really loud.
Unfortunately they didn't open their door......better luck next time.​​ ​

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