January 16, 2017




Moldova is definitely a strange land where Heavenly Father is SO MINDFUL of His children. Christ is counting His sheep here. FLIP I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. BOASTING. MISSIONARY WORK IS THE BEST. HEAVENLY FATHER ROCKS. 

Super cool week. Opening your mouth and talking to literally every human brings some serious blessings. We got 18 numbers this week! EIGHTEEN PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN BEING HAPPIER THROUGH JESUS CHRIST AND HIS ATONEMENT. Flip. Good stuff. 

One of those people who is interested is a super cool girl named Ana. We were talking to her on the bus after a super creepy bloc knocking experience (I will spare you the details mom hahah but don't worry. I am fine ;) always protected #blessup). And she said this to us, "Yeah, I'm searching for myself to know to the truth." All of her family and friends are baptist, but she hasn't been baptized yet because she can feel something lacking........THAT IS AN ANSWER TO ANY MISSIONARIES PRAYERS. We got her number. Then later that night, our phone BROKE. STOPPED WORKING COMPLETELY. WE LOST HER NUMBER. So sad. BUT THEN WE RAN INTO HER LATER ON IN THE WEEK AND APPOLOGIZED FOR NOT CALLING HER BECAUSE OUR PHONE BROKE AND SHE GAVE IT TO US AGAIN. Heavenly Father, dude. He is mindful of His children who are SEARCHING (!!!!!!!!!!) for the truth. I love this work. I love these people. 

BAPTISM. Dudes. Arti. One of the Elder's investigators was baptized on Saturday. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. THE SPIRIT. It was so strong. Our investigator Mihaela came. She was feeling the Spirit super strong. She loved it. I loved it. Heavenly Father loved it. Arti loved it. Everyone loved it. After the socializing and what not, Sora Schow and I had a short lesson with Mihaela about baptism. We invited her to be baptized. She said no, BUUUUUT because she wants to be prepared and know more. Fair. We've taught her two lessons. Hahaha. But she did say that she knows that it would be a path that God would be proud of. And she wants it eventually (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :) :) :) :) she is so cute. I will attach a picture of her teaching us Korean haha :) I will speak 9 languages by the time I come home (IN A YEAR?!?! WHAT)

Just like Ammon says in verse 12, I "will praise His name forever" for letting me have this opportunity to change and for softening my heart. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. "I cannot say the smallest part which I feel" :)

Sora Idiart 

PS read Matt. 15:22-28 if you want extra AWESOMENESS IN YOUR WEEK. I want to be like this woman. 

Say hello to my new comp, Sora Schow! Us last week when it was sn*wing :')

An animal was killed in the making of this picture . . . 
b/c this is an animal hat. Not sure what animal. 
Also it is one of the Russian elder's. But don't worry. I
 will purchase one shortly. Too cold here. 
Animals figured out how to survive. Just tryna survive out here fam

This almost fell on my head :-)

Broke out the boots. Will be wearing them for the next 2 months. Lolz. 

"Sledding" hahahha

THE BOIZ OF CHISIZZLE. Notice the halo around Arti? 

Mihalea teaching us Korean. . . 

Video of a Preparation Day Adventure. . . Sledding.  40 Lei is about $2 (for all those buckets!)

Action Scenes from Moldovan Bucket Sledding Adventures

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