January 2, 2017

What I learned this Transfer: MOLD

Hahahahha hello family. I'm laughing because my title. I realized it is a pun. And I didn't even mean for it to be..... ANYWAYS LETS CONTINUE. 

Scripture of the week! Helaman 5:12. I think I've already shared this. BUT DANG IT IS POWERFUL. Foundation. On Christ. Do it. 

Alrighty. So the subject. This past transfer Sora Purtchert and I learned that mold grows. On everything. In our apartment. Hahah. Who woulda thought?! 

Also. I'm being transferred. TO MOLDOVA. Hahaha. So that's why I laughed :) I fly there tomorrow morning. More adventures await! Very excited, but also so so so so so so so sad to be leaving Arad. And Sora Purtschert. Mostly Sora Purtschert :( BUT Sora Schow *new companion* is going to be dope. Really excited to serve with her. I'll also be in the same district as Elder Lemon from my MTC group again! Yeet! 

Sora P and I were both pretty under the weather these past few days :( way bummer to end our transfer like that, but all is well! We served a great one together. Sorry this email is short! Still not feeling super hot/have to finish packing/getting rid of things so that my bags don't weight over 50 pounds.....yikes. 


Sora Idiart 

Poor turn out at English Class . . . equals hang man. 

Hahaha it was actually a blast. Shout out to Elder Ditto for snagging these pics!

From Sarah: Here is a photo of Emma as she was about to board her flight from Timisoara, Romania to Chinisau, Moldova.  She had to drive 90 min south to the airport to catch a 3 hour flight.  The Days (Senior Couple) told me she had been very sick for the past few days, so the mission flew her, rather than have her take a 22 hour night train.  Part of the reason the train takes so long is that it stops in each city for up to 2 hours.  Plus, at the Moldovan boarder, the train must change wheels, which necessitates a 4 hour layover!! Soviet train tracks aren't the same as Romanian tracks?!?!  Poor thing. I hope her ears don't hurt on the flight!

Also from Sarah: Emma saying goodbye to friends in the Arad Branch before her transfer.  The lady on the far left in each picture is Ana Mogoş.  Sora Mogoş sends me FB messages and photos of Emma, keeps me updated on Branch events.  I will miss having the inside scoop on my girl!

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