January 30, 2017

Sign Language. What a concept.

Note: Translations in Red, provided by Sarah on Google Translate. . . 

Well fam. This week was plin de missionary work (full of missionary work) .Very fun. Very exciting. Very good. 

But. Let's share a scripture before we dive on into it. Actually this week there are a few scrips. Every week it is just too dang hard for me to choose because 1) we study so much and 2) SO MANY GOODIES!!!!!!! But while I was studying Ether 12:27 one day, I then also found Deuteronomy 11:8 (new fave) as well as Hebrews 11:33. Let me give to you the recipe to become a strong super-human in this life: humility, keeping the commandments, and FAITH. Bă. (Yo) That's all you need. That' it. Super hero. Bam. Cu mare plăcere my friends. (With pleasure my friends. . . not sure what she means here?)

Have you ever tried talking to someone who is deaf, also not knowing a lick of ASL let alone Moldovan sign language? Have you ever tried teaching a lesson do someone who is deaf? We did. Tanea. She's a really cool human being. Lip reading in a foreign language. That's fun stuff. No, but really. We had a super great lesson, jam packed with the Spirit. Simple and bold (written/drawn) testimony of Christ's suffering for us and understanding our problems and difficulties. Powerful. He KNOWS all of our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual struggles. He has overcome them. We have the ability to overcome them, whether in this life or the next! How SWEET is that knowledge? So if anyone back in the United States of America wants to send me a Moldovan Sign Language alphabet, that would be sweet :) 

We also had a super cool experience last night with another investigator, Galina. We met Galina a few weeks ago while on our way to an appointment. Sora Schow was talking to someone and I was looking for someone to talk to #missionaryworkneverends. So Galina is looking at my name tag, and she just goes ahead and asks me, "So what is different about your church?". Uh. Hello. Let me tell you about the restoration of the church and gospel of Jesus Christ + prophets + priesthood + temples + MIRACLES. It was very awesome. Dreams do come true. Anyways, last night was our second time meeting up with her. Moldovan's and Romanian's love to talk. The first time we met up with her, there wasn't a whole lot of us talking or teaching. Mostly her talking. But we did end up leaving her a Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlet. We went back yesterday and dudes. She was 100% on board with everything. Specifically the Book of Mormon. At one point, she started thanking God for answering all of her questions she's ever had while reading the Bible, aka "other sheep I have which are not of this fold". She is someone who is searching for truth. They exist everywhere! She's a crack up though. Her brain goes a million miles a minute. Love it.

Church is true. 

Sora Idiart 

Sick air băăăăăăăă (YOoooooo) haha 
This is from sledding a few weeks ago. The computers still have viruses, here, so I can't upload anything new. And I've been slacking at pics. So. Enjoy this shot of me right before getting a concussion ;))))))) 

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands *clap clap*

Sledding is MOST DEFINITELY against the rules I'm sure. . . But the Zone Leaders were there.
And one of the senior couples. So it's fiiiiiiine.
But notice that my beanie is gone. Never once did I make it down w/o losing my hat. Rad. 

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