January 9, 2017



Moldova is baby Russia. I have been inside for almost an hour and my toes are still frozen little baby piggies. Hahahah

OKAY SCRIPTURE TIME. I started reading the New Testament. MAN IT IS PACKED WITH GOODNESS. I really really really loved two verses in particular. Matthew 9:37 and 10:16. Also Nephi 22:2. Flip. The scriptures are filled with GOLD my friends. 

Okay so more about Chisinau! It really is baby Russia here. When I talk to people on the bus, I have about a 50% chance they will speak Romanian......so. I am learning Russian. Haha :) also it was a sold -25 degrees FAHRENHEIT the other day. I thought I was going to die. Because also sn*w. Ew gross. But because it is baby Russia, most of the people celebrate Christmas on the Russian Christmas day, Jan 7th! So I got two Christmases. My new companion, Sora Schow is so cute. She filled a stocking for me and everything :') We also got to do some DOPE carol contacting. We got on a bus, all 10 of us Romanian speaking missionaries, and just sang our little hearts out. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Met some really dope people doing it. Meeting up with them later this week :) SUPER STRANGE to be in a city where there are 20 missionaries.....coming from a city with 4 hahaha BUT IT ROCKS. Dope humans here.

Two super cool other experiences:

1. Claudia and Co. Met this dope family (mom, dad, two little girls - 13 and 8) bloc knocking my first day here in Chis. Last floor, last door. LOVE THEM. We help their daughters with English and teach them about what we believe. Super promising. Their 13 year old daughter Ana is sharp as a tack. 
2. We had a lesson with a recent convert, Adriana, and her kid brother, Chiriel. We were talking about our future plans/how we can involve Christ in them. I asked Chiriel, "Ce vrei pentru viata ta?" (What do you want for your life?) and his response was H U M B L I N G. Eye opening. Wowza. "As vrea Isus Hristos sa fie langa mine." (I want Jesus Christ to be by me) This kid is 9 years old. Flip guys. Is that your immediate response when asked that question? It's mine now! Why has it taken me almost 6 months to figure that out?!?!?! I swear. I'm pretty sure the reason why Heavenly Father wants me on a mission is to help and change me. I'm not sure if I even can help these people! Little 9 year olds putting me in my place!!!! I LOVE BEING HERE!!!!!! 

If we put Christ at the center and focus of everything we do this year, our lives will be full of purpose and love. I can promise you that. I've seen it happen this past week. HE IS THE REASON WE ARE HERE. He is the only one who can help you figure out why you're here. I'm working on it! 

I LOVE YOU ALL. HAVE A GREAT WEEK. STAY WARM. Wear some wool socks. 

Sora Idiart 

ps sorry for no pictures. I need to buy a card reader....didn't have time today. Went sledding. Have some dope videos and pics of me wiping out. Will send next week :) basically still look the same. Just colder. With snot frozen on the inside of my nose. And some frostbite. Hehe jk abt the frostbite

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