May 8, 2017

Family History

Hello family :)

Here is a scripture. Then I will explain the post title. It's a good one this week. 

Alright. So. Your mission "parents" are 1) the person who trained you and 2) the opposite-gender oldest missionary in the district.  So, my parents in the mission are mom=Sora Stanley and dad=Elder Giron. Sora Stanley's mom was Sora Rich (that makes her my grandma. Sora Rich also was my compantion Sora L's mom. So Sora L is technically my aunt. So fun). Elder Giron's dad is Elder Geber-Kai. Elder GK is serving in Chisinau with me. He has been for the last 4 months. We came in together. So because he is Elder Giron's dad, he is my grandpa.  SO get this. This week, we're both getting "babies" (Me and Elder GK). Aka we are training. AKA YES I AM TRAINING AND IM FREAKING OUT BUT IT WILL BE FUN. AND SCARY. AND FUN. (And also, I get to see Elder Ditto from the MTC, for the first time in 4 months AND IM SO STOKED bc he is also training.)
So in short. Elder Gerber-Kai and I are parenting together. We are both of each other's children's parents. #strangefamilyrelations hahahhaha :)

But this week rocked. On Tuesday, we were down in Bucharest for Misson Leadership Council. Best part: BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL BAPTIZE AND YOU WILL. There was a great quote from Elder Anderson that we really focused a lot on, "There is a power that can cause things to happen that need to happen". THAT POWER IS THE LORD. Through our faith, WE CAN see miracles. And we will. Keep having faith. Keep trying. YOU are doing great. Flip. I love being a missionary. 

My goal for this upcoming transfer (6 weeks) is to see one of my friends walk into the waters of baptism. To change their lives, to live more in accordance with God's laws - WHICH HONESTLY ARE THE ONLY THING THAT WILL BRING YOU TRUE HAPPINESS, I PROMISE - and to make promises with Heavenly Father. That is my goal. I have the faith that it will happen. Satan is working hard on us out here in this part of the world - he is powerful. BUT there IS a power that causes things to happen, that need to happen. That power, is the power of God. The power of the Holy Ghost touching the hearts of men. The power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, healing and cleansing and comforting us. 

I AM SO STOKED! This is gonna be a GREAT transfer. I am super sad to not be companions with Sora L, but the good thing is.....SHES STAYING IN CHISINAU SO I WILL STILL SEE HER ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh happy day :)

I know that the work I'm doing out here is not in vain. I love my Savior. He loves me, but mostly He loves you. Praying for you, as always.

Sora Idiart 

Classic "I'm having a baby (getting a new companion to TRAIN,
straight from the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah,
so lets find those old birthday balloons in the kitchen drawer" picture
(also I'm gonna be hecka cute pregnant, someday)

Majestic Sora L. Love these little weeds :') 

Flying down to Bucharest with the Zone Leaders.
Elder Kramer is CONKED and Elder Savage was deeeeeep in the scriptures
(pretty sure also sleeping). It was an early flight in their defense hahah

District lunch on Friday before finding out about transfers

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