May 1, 2017

I think I met a Duke of England named Richard this week #hearthalfwaylocked hahaha jk #alltheway

So hello family. 

This letter is going to be short b/c I have HECKA pics to send. But pics are what people like anyways, right? Also I only have like 10 more minutes hahaha #opa

I have a small obsession with the word continually, as of late. I was reading about the tree of life this week. Something that I've always wondered about in that story is the difference in the people who stay true and those who fall away.....after eating the fruit. Nephi uses two words - clinging and continually (holding fast). Dudes. I had an epiphany. Clinging=fear based. Continually holding fast=motivated by love and a continual desire to be obedient. I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES. LET'S ALL DO A BETTER JOB AT BEING SOMEONE WHO CONTINUALLY HOLDS FAST INSTEAD OF A CLINGER :)

One cool experience. We have an investigator named Nadia. She is super cute. 23. Successful. BEAUTIFUL. Seriously the most beautiful person I know. And a real truth seaker. She's studied with a lot of different religions. Anyways. We were planning on doing a nice, full restoration lesson with her. But PSYCH. The Spirit was like, "Nah surori (sisters). You're gonna do a nice, full Plan of Salvation/Happiness/BEST PLAN EVER lesson with her." So we did. She's praying about what day she should be baptized. Most likely it will happen this month or next. She's golden. Super prepared. Keep her in your prayers!

This really is the true, restored, full gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth. I am so grateful to be teaching (somedays, attempting to teach and just getting spit on hahaha) the gospel to the people in Moldova (probably my last week here because I think I will get a new assignement and be transfered next week. . . sad). I LOVE THIS WORK. IT IS SO HARD AND TIRING, BUT SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. Praying for you all. Thanks for all the love and support. 

Sora Idiart 

Oops.  Here is the story about Richard. We were contacting. Almost done. Had only gotten rejection. Hard morning. See this guy with a super nice camera. I say to my companion, Sora L "Wanna ask him what kind of camera he has?" She goes "Nah" then a few seconds later she turns around. Goes and asks him in Romanian. BUT HE IS FROM ENGLAND WITH A SUPER GORGEOUS ACCENT. And then we talk to him for a bit. Give him a card with the church website. Told him to talk to missionaries when he returns home. Let's just say he was an English man, who had a scruffy beard, one black earring, and the most beautiful accent/face I have ever seen.  It turned out to be such a good day :) 

The Iasi sisters came up for an exchange (Iasi, Romania is 108 miles from Chisinau, Moldova).
Had a blessed day. FULL of contacting. Because all of our lessons canceled on us.
So fun. Really. Probably one of the best days of this whole transfer. 

dude. my homie. told us his brother had been to utah once. #churchistrue+hisschoolisBYU ;)

We went to a Seventh Day Adventist church
(would have been awesome had is not been in Russian.....waste of time lol)
and this dude played the accordion the entire time. goals. dreams fulfilled. 

QUEEN!!!!!! Iulia. Recent convert. 
Came to church and said "Sister! I did my hair today. We are taking a picture!" #selfieduh

Picture from last weeks Sister's Conference: my favorite humans. Elder Trottier and Sister P. 

We were on a bus and this chubby little Russian kid wanted to take pics on my camera.
I was terrified that he was gonna drop it hahaha but gotta hand it to him. 
He took some gems ;) hahahahaha 

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  1. Sora Idiart you are a rock star!! Just love to hear and see your beautiful smile and testimony!