May 22, 2017

"Have you ever met two girls from America AT THE SAME TIME?"

Hello dearest family + friends. 

This week was one full of miracles. And empty of pictures. Because I was lazy and cheap and never bought batteries.....but now I have batteries. SO next week you will get pictures. SORRRRRRY :) 

SCRIPTURE: Training. It is all about patience. Sora Nemelka is a boss missionary. Who wants to be able to be the boss-est missionary on the planet. Which is hard to do when you can't understand or speak. So this week, almost every scripture that I read had to do with patience. I repeatedly saw the word "wait" this week. 2 Nephi 6:7. So applicable in our lives. I feel like 1) I wait on the Lord's time ALL THE TIME but in return 2) He is ALWAYS waiting for me to be more humble, teachable, mold-able, hardworking, patient, kind, etc (the list goes on and get the gist). He is never ashamed of us. Let's CHOOSE to never be ashamed of Him. 


DANIELA - We were contacting. In the park. It was a great day. We were on our way to go get dinner. We felt like "Hey let's talk to this mom. She looks kind and her baby is so cute so we want to go talk to the baby" *props of being a sister missionary, it's not super weird to go talk to young moms with cute babies :)* So we talk to her. She invites us to sit down. Have a great talk about the church/Book of Mormon. Set a follow up meeting. MEET WITH HER AGAIN AND SHE TOLD US SHE IS SEARING FOR TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has studied with a lot of different churches but hasn't felt at peace. Dudes. It was so awesome. I love her. And her baby Isabella is literally the cutest little baby and so calm and wonderful. Pray for them :) 

MIHAELA + ERIC + GABI + MARIA - So remember our investigator Mihaela? She has been super hard to meet up with - kind of placed her on the back burner. Last Monday we got a call from her saying that she wanted to meet up. WELL she brought friends: Eric and Gabriela. Super awesome 15 year olds. Have a great Restoration lesson with them. They both agree to listen to the lessons. Short version of the story: We pass off Eric to the elders. They hit it off. Gabi's mom says that we can't meet, so she drops us. Eric brought his friend Maria to meet us/start meeting with us. MIRACLE. 

And honestly so many more miracles this week. A unhappy orthodox lady told us to go home, that we were wasting our time, etc. in a very rude way. Threw me off my game for a day. Then a very kind baptist lady named Anne told us the next day, "You are doing a good job here. God bless you." So ya know. It's great. Life is grand. I love being a missionary here in Moldova. 

Thank you for the prayers and love and support. Love you and pray for you :)

Sora Idiart 

Today was Sora Dusenberry's bday. We planned a surprise party for her at the church.
It was very fun. Good missionaries here in Chisinau :)

Getting creative........bored of selfies hahaha

Cool sign. Love being in this part of the world. I LOVE MOLDOVA

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